Tuesday, July 04, 2023

Blind Items Revealed #48

May 4, 2023

With all the hype this award season about a certain actor and a movie in which he appeared so long ago, there was a family who tried to use the press and attention to find answers. Back when the movie was filmed, this family had a young boy and a young girl who filmed village scenes. Only the young boy ended up with a  credit. The young girl did not and can barely be seen in one still frame. The boy had done a few earlier roles when he was even younger, but this was by far his biggest appearance.

At some point during the filming, the boy and girl were filming a scene that would end up in the movie. The shoot that day finished in the evening after dark. There was an uncle who was waiting to take the kids back home. He had done so for the entirety of the shoot in this two name country. This time though, they disappeared. There was no sign of them. The uncle went and asked every crew member he could find. They all said they didn't know the location of the kids or had not seen them or maybe they had seen them, but hadn't seen them in a while. They were just gone. He searched for hours. There were no cell phones back then and had no idea where they had gone. He had seen them at lunch.

The next day he brought the entire family of the kids and they searched and asked everyone until they were kicked off the set because the kids were just kids, but this was a huge Hollywood production. The family was then banned from the set, so the family started hanging out at the crew hotel and got the police involved. Then suddenly, the police stopped helping and the family was banned from the hotel.

This year, a journalist tried to ask several members of the cast who were at that shoot. That movie got a lot of attention this year. To a person, they all said they either didn't remember it or it was so long ago, they forgot the details. 

Ke Huy Quan/Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom/Sri Lanka

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