Thursday, July 06, 2023

Today's Blind Items - The CON in Convention

Is he a big star? No, he isn't. That doesn't mean he doesn't think he is a big star and will be charging accordingly at a fan convention for his pictures and autographs. Even though actors from the long running almost network show on which he starred are bigger and more famous, our actor is charging (way) more than ANYBODY for autographs and photo ops. And his meet and greet is literally as much as quadruple the cost of others from the show or those more famous. Does he really think he’s worth all of that just because he’s married to an actual star?? Considering he’s worked a grand total of maybe two months out of the last six years and his last gig was a huge flop in part due to his ego and not showing up for work, it is nuts what he’s charging. He’s literally taking huge advantage of fans. Talk about entitlement. 

What is also interesting is at this convention, at least two of his exes from the show that he slept with will be in attendance. He has a history of cheating, including with fans, so it’s going to be interesting to see who he will cheat on his wife with first. Will it be a fan or an ex. Also, will anyone actually pay his inflated prices? 

The chef's kiss to all this is the very important life event he will be skipping just to cheat on his wife and gouge his fans. There is nothing that will stop this guy from his hundreds of teenage fans desperate to meet him and give him money and perhaps later sleep with him. By the way, the convention is even offering loans and payment plans through a third-party vendor so fans can afford all of this. And if he cancels or the convention is canceled apparently there’s no refunds, so he really picked the most shady possible convention to be a part of for the first time in years. Why is he this hard up for money? Is his wife finally leaving him, or did she actually tell him he needs to finally contribute to the family a little? Can this guy ever do anything that’s not embarrassing? 

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