Tuesday, July 04, 2023

Blind Items Revealed #36

March 9, 2023

It seems like this mysterious former government official who worked for the very very secret think tank funded by the rich brothers and the wealthy farmer, knew she was going to be killed on that flight. Apparently, she was upsetting something that should have been left alone and there was no choice left but to kill her. It is one of the reasons she insisted that her family members be allowed to take a different flight. They allowed that as long as she would go willingly, and she did. Pretty remarkable that in the past four decades, only three people have died from what she died from and none of the others were on a private jet. This is despite tens of millions of people in the same exact circumstances over the course of those four decades.

Dana Hyde/Cato Institute/Charles and David Koch/Bill Gates/Turbulence

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