Friday, December 15, 2023

Four For Friday - Seventeen

There have been some actor and actresses the past few years that couldn't wait until they reached 18 to hook up with certain people in the industry. Here are a few.

#1 - This former Disney actress was already yachting by the time she hit 15. Her family knew that is when she would make the most bucks. Their plan was to save it, but they spent it as fast as it came in.

#2 - This pay cable actor from multiple hit shows hooks up with girls in high school all the time. He just makes sure they are local and that they have had older boyfriends before so know how to stay quiet.

#3 - This A- list dual threat actress knew she could act well enough to stay on top once she got her big break, but when she was 16 she made sure she got her big break by hooking up with a director who couldn't wait to cast her after they hooked up.

#4 - This actor is in his late 30's/early 40's and A- list. He works on a show filled with extras of all ages. He is very good at separating them from the herd with invites to his trailer and other behind the scenes stuff. His character is even more creepy which is saying something.

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