Thursday, December 14, 2023

Today's Blind Items - Undercover

There is a member of a reality family that had a long long run on television. Her family is extremely conservative. She is not old enough to drink. For the past six months she has become something of a legend on an adult pay site. She isn't a legend because everyone knows who she is. She is a legend because no one knows who she is and she wears a full on Luchador mask. Apparently, there is nothing she won't do if the money is right. Her problem is twofold. One, she let one too many people know what she was doing so it is starting to leak. Second, she has a boyfriend from a different conservative reality family and he has zero idea what she is doing and thinks she is pious and prayerful and not willing to do crazy extras for more tokens and cash. There is also the issue of taxes. Her family does all kinds of crazy things with their income and she is going to have to keep hers extra secret.

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