Friday, May 11, 2007

Pete Doherty Blood Art

So I can't decide what's more disturbing. The thought that Pete Doherty makes art from his own blood, or that he's splattering his diseased blood all over when he's making these concoctions. Do you really think he's precise and careful with his blood? Now, with the disgusting part out of the way, I have to say the bottom one isn't half bad. His art show opened recently and includes 10 pieces of work.


Hez said...

God, I'm glad I didn't have a big breakfast. It would be all over my keyboard right now.

That is just REPUGGO!

Anonymous said...

what a f* wack job!


Anonymous said...

God. They tracked him down to display this crap? He needs to be locked up. Who knew they made paint by numbers with blood? Next he'll be painting with his poo like some caged chipanzee. He's def nutso!


ukgrrl said...

Spare a thought for that german mtv dude who thought he was getting an exclusive.....pete squirted an effing syringeful at him! said...

Hey! That's an accurate portrayal of his strange sideways face! Now that's what I call talent!

Anonymous said...

Pete thinks he is sooo cool but sadly his brain vacated his body long ago.

haley said...

you guys should stop blogging.
it's gay.


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