Friday, May 11, 2007

Lyric Culture Launch Party

Who is this man?
Whoops. It's not a man it's Fergie. Actually, I must be losing my mind because she actually looks good here.

I know I'm losing my mind now because Kim Kardashian continues to wear less makeup and to look less like a porn star and actually looks good. This is the third consecutive time I haven't trashed her.

I've never thought Rachel Hunter was all that hot and it just gets worse as time goes by. She always looks like she's squinting which then gives her face that puckered fish look. She rarely smiles and just seems incredibly high maintenance. Hey, but Jarrett Stohl likes her and so I'm happy for them.

The reason I watched Fresh Prince. Oh, and DJ Jazzy Jeff also.

Have I missed Tracey Edmonds and Eddie Murphy together somewhere? My perception is they haven't been photographed together in a few weeks.

Sophia Bush does the mock fake tuxedo t-shirt. If she was wearing a coat and all you saw was the top you would be like hmmmm.
The good Brittany. Relatively speaking of course. But just for the shirt she's going to move up a few places in goodness.
I love Amerie's dress and look and just about everything else about her. Did I mention her legs?


Anonymous said...

So KK reads the blog? Is she that poster that answers every blind item with Linsay Lohan?

Anonymous said...

Fergie looks just like Michelle Pfeiffer in the 2nd photo.

Anonymous said...

LOVE Brittany Snow!!! Damn the NBC rat bastards for cancelling American Dreams. Booo!

Anonymous said...

I don't know who Amerie is, but her dress is amazing and her legs are pretty! She needs more curve to her bootayyy though!


Anonymous said...

damn i thought that was rachel with her son...that shit ain't right.


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