Friday, May 11, 2007

Wendell Baker Story Premiere

Eva Mendes is always at the top. I need to be careful how I write that because a word or two difference makes me seem perverted. I am of course, but like to keep that side hidden.

Johnny Knoxville shows his love and affection for Luke Wilson.
He even did a drawing of his beloved.

I hate Owen Wilson. I think everyone knows why.

Pete and Bridget Sampras. Pete should just shave the head. When there is more hair on the brows than the hair, it's time to say buh-bye to the hair.

The Wilson Brothers. These are three guys who can probably down a drink or two.

Of course excessive drinking can lead to this.

Phoebe Price makes the list simply because she took the chance to wear what she's wearing. She's starting early with the Susan Sarandon route.

Can you tell that I really like Eva Mendes?


Anonymous said...

I always thought she was pretty but hear she is a mega bitch.... guess ENT likes the bossy ones huh :)

Anonymous said...

eva m.? my co. did unit p.r. on one of her films and she was a total doll.

as for enty, heehee, he likes her. cuban-american women. what can i say other than he has good taste? ;)

Anonymous said...

Dang! The one Wilson brother I haven't seen is actually hotter than the "Hardy" boys. Yum!

Anonymous said...

i always liked luke.
owen's nose looks like a, um, male dangly bit?

Anonymous said...

I am amazed this finally got released. Mark Johnson didn't have a lot of favors left to call in!

I was a PA during the September 2003 shoot in Austin, TX. It was rather memorable (for me anyway).

Owen was there a week and had everyone in stitches. The only time I saw him mad was during an argument with Luke about a line. He would hang out at the hotel bar and talk with anyone (who didn't get crazy/fan with him).

Luke and Andrew co-directed, Owen and Luke co-wrote the script. Its about a guy (Luke) just out of prison who is working at this run-down "retirement" home where he meets three 'inmates' (Harry, Seymour Cassel and Kris Kristofferson) and they 'help' to get his ex-girlfriend (Eva) back. Owen is the evil head nurse of the place and Eddie Griffin is a put-upon worker. Will Farrell has a bizarre cameo as a store clerk who is dating Eva.

Andrew did most of the directing and Luke most of the on-set rewriting (I'm not sure how much of the original script Owen had a hand in survived). Farrell and Griffin got complete cart-blanche on improv.

It was a small production that filmed six days a week in hella heat (Texas in September is still effin hot!). The most exciting thing was some girl that hid in one of the school buildings next to the historic house that was the nursing home. She was found and escorted off the set. She didn't talk (or something like that) so no one knew what she really wanted. Tres bizarre!

Oh, and either Luke or Andrew actually fired their mother Laura as the production still photographer because she was upset about not having an assistant or didn't like the assistant or something. It happened after a messy day shooting someone riding up to the 'home' on a horse.

Like I said, small yet memorable production.

Anonymous said...

Good grief. Harry Dean Stanton looks like a homeless guy I see begging at the station most nights!


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