Thursday, May 10, 2007

More Links And ZX Later Today

Jamie-Lynn Sigler in Vegas Magazine.

In all seriousness, Amy Winehouse is rumored to be in the running to be the new Bond girl. What that says to kids is this:

Do meth, lose your teeth, become a movie star. Or, in Fergie's case a singer with a very deep voice.

Kim Kardashian sans the normal ten pounds of makeup. Stick with this look Kim. More photos here.

Kylie Minogue's having a mental affair. Well I'm sure that will make his wife much happier.

Beastie Boys have a new record coming out. It's entirely instrumental.

Dr. Phil about to be cancelled.


Anonymous said...

amy winehouse looks terrible. i saw a picture of her from a few years ago and a few more pounds ago, and she was much sexier.

Anonymous said...

i thought she was in the running to sing the next bond song? is she also up for bond girl, because there's a BIG difference

Anonymous said...

I don't really see the appeal of either Minogue.

Dr. Phil NEEDS to be cancelled & Rachael Ray.

Anonymous said...

^ ^ ^
And Oprah too.

If I see one more issue of O in a doctors office, I'm going to shove it up "O's"...uhm, well you get my meaning.

I'm sick of these talk show hosts who america hails as thier gods.

Anonymous said...

Dr Phil hates women anyway, so it's about time they pulled the plug on his crappy show.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the Beastie Boy CD.

Anonymous said...

Me too dorothy - love me some Beasties.


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