Monday, May 07, 2007

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All weekend long I looked at those images of Lindsay Lohan allegedly snorting coke. I say allegedly because I must have looked the photos on twenty sites and I still can't see anything. Of course I couldn't ever see the picture of the animal in those dot paintings either. What I can't understand is how come there isn't the actual video? If I saw the video then we would have a context and get a better idea of the situation. Here is the original story, and the best blowups I've found. Let this be a lesson to all you coke using actresses. Don't let friends film you while you are possibly using drugs or in the same room with drugs. There was a blind item I think I wrote about Lindsay right about that whole time period when she was sleeping with Jude Law. I need to find it. BTW, James Blunt must be a walking incubator for the deadliest diseases right about now. Like the Playboy Grotto in the late 70's or early 80's.

Elliot Mintz faithful to the end. Even after Paris stabs him in the back, he falls on the sword for her one last time.

Stop me if you've heard this one before. Pete Doherty arrested for drug possession. OK, how come he just can't do his drugs at home where he wouldn't get caught? Well no doubt he'll get off for this as well. I'm surprised the judges in the UK haven't just offered to do the jail time for Pete. This latest arrest will probably make Kate smile with glee and they'll no doubt get married or engaged for the 45th time later this week.

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Pete inspires me to greater things. Let's face it, when you're compared with Pete, there's nowhere to go but UP

Anonymous said...

Lindsay and Pete need to hook up Match made in cocaine heaven.

Anonymous said...

Ya I was going to say that about Elliot. He must have been shocked to be her scapegoat. I'll admit he handled it with grace, but his statement gave us a hint anyway.

Anonymous said...

Brenda, LOVE your photo.....

And I saw those photos of Lindsay and frankly, they don't even look like her!


Anonymous said...

why is she asking her publicist about her probation terms they arent legal experts why didnt she ask a lawyer. i guess all else fails blame it on him but i dont know if anyone would want to represent her. she is completely dumb.

Anonymous said...

^I kind of think she didn't ask him.

Anonymous said...

The whole Paris / Mintz scenario seems like a bit of a sham to me. If he was considering retirement maybe this was his craftily planned, and convenient, way out.
He takes responsibility for Paris driving, gets large (and final) payment from the Hilton clan then he exits stage left.

Everyone wins.

Anonymous said...

Elliot isn't stupid. She'll be back when everybody forgets about her skanky butt when she's in prison. Also the way this hoochie passes the blame is wonderful. Besides the in n out burgers I'm sure she tried to tell the judge that someone injected her with alcohol while she was at bible study. Stupid chick. Hope she hooks up with a nice burly woman, not one that looks like her former girly boyfriends. Someone to really "put her in her place."

But at least this will get her the street cred to promote her hip hop album.


Anonymous said...


Hez said...

A little O/T, but still on the subject of street cred...

I don't have a car, but do you think my hip hop album will sell as well if I get busted driving a Hyundai Sonata from Hertz? Because I'm totally doing it. And I'm gonna dump a big box of Cheer all over the back seat (cuz anything else would be wasteful).

Mintzie needs something to keep him occupied, right? Otherwise we might find him slashing tires outside of Hyde or wherever it is I'm supposed to know is cool now.

Maybe he'll be one of those people who quits one high stress job and finds the quiet life is too much, so he goes off to fight oil well fires with Red Adair. Gotta be safer than working for Paris!


Anonymous said...

The pics of Lohan were stills from a video. Lots of sites have her pic showing the same outfit as the bathroom video that very same night so I think it's safe to say it is her.

Anonymous said...

mintz did exactly the right thing for a guy who wants to keep his career as a celebrity publicist going, if he didn't fall on his sword he wouldn't get another well paying job spinning lies for some other wealthy celebutard.

Anonymous said...


It's a typical whisper / teaser campaign - the Mirror did it with Cokate Moss.

They had that infamous video but didn't release it right away.

Instead they began whispering in blind items about "which supermodel and her junkie bf were caught doing drugs in a studio"...obviously her but they went on for a couple of weeks. (perhaps getting their legal together at the same time?)

by the time the tape came out anyone who was paying even passing attention had heard the rumblings.

The NE did this with Blohan too: an overdose story nobody believed, a "friend" leaking oxycontin tales, it was all progressive.

IMHO, of course.

Anonymous said...


Firing Mintz was all about the optics.

She is appealing, her excuse was that he had misinformed her.

She could hardly continue keeping him in immaculately tailored but extraordinarily tacky suits now, could she?

Her lawyers made her do it, of course. Her nose would need powdering a thousand times before she could puzzle that one out.


Anonymous said...

did anybody find the blind item about lindsay when she was boning jude law?

Anonymous said...

oh, hez, poor hez-
red died a few years ago. *sniff*
now THERE was a hero!

Hez said...

Yeah, he was the shit, wasn't he?


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