Monday, May 07, 2007

2007 TV Week Logie Awards - aka A Reason To Show The Suit Andrew G Is Wearing

It actually looks like the suit and ties are made from the same material. Some type of rubber perhaps or soft pleather. I don't think it's real leather.

Reasons for wearing this suit:

1. I'm guessing Noa's here in LA right now for you to get away with wearing that suit.
2. Trying to make sure I'll offer him $1000 if he gets married in that suit. Bet.
3. You're still drinking aren't you?
4. Jim told you it looked good didn't he?
5. Ryan Seacrest has one just like it.
6. It's for charity.
7. You knew that no matter what you would look better than Avril Lavigne.
You know how pictures can get burned into a television after awhile. I think her eye makeup is the same. I don't think she even bothers to try and take it off anymore. She just rubs more and more in each day.
She looks exactly like her mom and dad. It's like a 50/50 split.

I just really like James Morrison's shirt. You know how tough it must be to be a singer named Jim Morrision?

3 comments: said...

You mean the Lugie awards?

Anonymous said...

huzzah for bindi!
my grown-up daughter is still crying every time she see's bindi on TV. that is one tough kid. i really admire her.

and i thought the same thing, brenda!

meltish said...

because mel said it would be ok.


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