Friday, May 11, 2007

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LOST info and spoilers.

Bobby is suing Whitney. I'm trying to remember the last time Bobby was actually doing the suing. I'm sure he must have sued his New Edition manager or the record label he was on at the time, but other than that he has always been on the other side of the v. Bobby wants more time with his daughter. He says that he's been homeless at times since the divorce. Well sure, he and his daughter should spend some time homeless together. Good bonding experience. Maybe they can both get signs saying will work for food and hang out at an off-ramp. It could be his own version of take your daughter to work day.

Bruce Willis in a chat room. Hey, there was a non-believer. I know the feeling Bruce.

One family thinks the case of Jett Travolta should be investigated by the state of Florida.

Robbie Williams knows how to go online also.


Anonymous said...

That Robbie Williams story is based on a blog entry he wrote about 2 years ago...

Anonymous said...

lol @ " Well sure, he and his daughter should spend some time homeless together."!

Anonymous said...

Good bonding experience? What Bobby selling his daughter's body on the streets for a hit of crack? Yeah...wish my dad did that with me. LMAO!

TB said...

I would suck the skin off Robbie Williams' bones and then crunch on the bones like Chinese fortune cookies.

Both me AND my alter-ego, Glenn!

Anonymous said...'ll have to get through me first i got dibs on that hot mess! actually i had the pleasssssure of meeting robbie 2x in London through a mutual friend..he's hot and a sweetheart.
I've read his books..and i feel for him and his demons.


Anonymous said...

OK now John Travolta...i saw him talking on Oprah not long agao and he went on and onnnn about Ella but never said a peep about Jet until Oprah,sensing how weird it was getting for the audience, asked him how Jet was..his reply.."oh he's fine, but Ella blah blah...."

It was pretty fuckin pathetic. I loved John but since then I've looked at him in a dff light...get your kid some help L.Ron is DEAD.
This isn't 1945 there is nothing to be ashamed of, your son is autistic now get him the therapy he needs so he can better his quality of life! Damn sheep.


Anonymous said...

ANNND once again, we can point to elron and say "thank you and kiss off"

i remember a few years ago, travolta & preston went after somebody (help me out here, ent), pest control, (i want to say) carpet cleaners, some kind of in-home
chemical thing, claiming the company was to blame for jett's "health issues".

i may get some flak here, but i've studied a bit about the scientologists. my heartfelt belief is that MOST of the children are neglected or abused.

oh, and i'm glad bruce has enough sense to own a mac.

Anonymous said...

ooh, ooh! the bunny found this on celebitchy, via yeeeh!:

"Apparently this is not the first time that alarm bells have rung about the Travolta’s behavior towards his son’s autism before. Other celebrities familiar with autism, as well as the Autism Society of America, have expressed their frustration at how the Travoltas are sweeping their son’s ailment under the carpet. The reason for their denial may stem from the fact that Scientology does not recognise autism as a disorder, nor will they go anywhere near using drugs to treat the psychological illness. Autistics in Scientology are usually known as “degraded beings” who brought the affliction on themselves. Kelly Preston has gone as far as saying in the past that Jett suffers from Kawasaki Syndrome like disease because of “environmental toxins”, with Jett reacting badly specifically to carpet cleaning chemicals.

As I am not a doctor by any stretch of the imagination, I’ve Googled Kawasaki Syndrome to research the disease Preston claims her son suffers from. I’ve compared it to a couple of more medical sites and Preston’s explanation sounds like bullshit. Autism symptoms and Kawasaki Syndrome symptoms meet nowhere in between, one is a neurological affliction, whilst one is a disease with physical manifestations that can be treated. I can only assume that Jett wasn’t upset at the carpet cleaning chemicals Kelly was using in her home. It sounds like a more likely explanation for him to become upset by the loud sound of the vacuum cleaner."

i knew i had read that somewhere. this story came out before the world knew they were scientologists.

Amber said...

Thank you for that Lost tidbit! LOST IS MY LIFE! Yes, I'm pathetic.


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