Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Georgia Rule Premiere

Jay McCarroll gets to be top billed because he's way more interesting then the rest of the crowd. Have I told you how pissed I was when Bravo only aired one episode of his television show.
Yeah, with Paris in jail, I'll get even more attention.

"Felicity. If I had to work with Eva Longoria and Lindsay Lohan I would want to keep a steady drunk going at all times also."

Jane Fonda is such a where is she now kind of actress that she was relegated to the furthest backdrop possible.
I wonder if Lindsay is a role model to Ali Lohan. Please don't let it be her mom she looks up to.
You just know that someday one of Dina Lohan's kids is going to write a tell all book. I live for that day.

9 comments: said...

Ali Lohan - forever doomed to be the Hailey Duff, the Nicky Hilton, the Wynona Judd.

Unless it turns out she can out-party her sis!!!!!

Just kidding, you guys. I'm not heartless.

Hez said...

Oh, I love me some McJay! Bring back the pink-lensed glasses!!! He had a reality show and I missed it?? That is soo not making it work for me. Dang.

I can't believe Fe.Huff isn't a fully-fledged junked out barfly after putting up with those two. I have to drink myself silly just to cope with the mere fact of their existence. Testament to the steadying influence of the Macy, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Did the producers or the marketing team ask the three main stars to wear white? Very odd choice in fashions.

Dina Lohan is one of the worst mothers in the world. I'm surprised she & Joe Simpson aren't having a tawdry affair.

Anonymous said...

I was pissed too when they only aired one show. Jay was the most interesting of all the designers who have won PRunway. What's up with that?

On another note, Ali Lohan is doomed! Her monther has no sense and even if Linds says she was in charge of the family she doesn't know anything about being a role model to her siblings. But her mom and dad are to blame. It's a shame b/c I actually LIKED Linds b4 she started being the sperm recepticle for every horny actor and selling her body for drugs.


Anonymous said...

jane fonda is still one of the best actresses in hollywood, why would you say something so catty about her?

tigereye said...

read something about how Ali looks up to Linds and wants to be just like her. wonder if that's still true. Guess Dina raised 'em both the same, apparently. ewwww... gawd she's awful.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see the papp's ,the likes of Mike wehrmann chase Kathy Hilton and Dina Lohan around 24/7.

That would be some good back story for the future tell all's .

Anyone else bummed Tony Blair lost his popularity to Bush.

Anonymous said...

because of Bush.

Amber said...

I love Jay McCarol! 'Who lives in a blobular vessel? I do I do'


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