Tuesday, May 08, 2007

More Links And ZX Later Today

Kate Moss at the Costume Gala last night.

Terri Irwin was devastated at the Logie Awards when clips were shown of an interview she had done immediately after Steve Irwin's death. Organizers stated they thought she had left the room, but that contradicts the fact that cameras were trained on her for her reaction to the footage.

If entertainment is supposed to make you laugh, then this qualifies. A video of a guy stealing a projector by putting it into his pants.

Brad and Angelina in a threesome? I could see it. It is allegedly the answer to a NY Daily News Blind Item from April 5th.

Wall Street sequel?

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Anonymous said...

The bosh article doesn't even pass the laugh test. Below it is a link to an article about Brad Pitt running back to Jennifer Aniston. Make up your minds as to which lie of the week is going to be pushed.

The Prague story is pretty lame as well. Angelina travels all the time and a few stalking photogs is no big deal for someone like her. Britney is the one who freaks out on the media attention. Must be a slow day for the blogs.


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