Friday, May 11, 2007

Bartles And Jaymes Poolside BBQ

You just can't hope to have a poolside BBQ without Alexis Arquette and Candy Ass.
Adam Brody and Mark McGrath just look like two guys having fun. No frat boy crap. Just fun.

Bijou Phillips back to being beautiful after last week's disaster.

Carmen. Carmen. Carmen. Wished three times but all I got was Candy Ass.
Everyone thought Cris Judd was working as a waiter there.

The only possible explanation is a hickey.

Are those Laboutines?

Woodstock was a very long time ago.
Another popular ZX guess is Taryn Manning.


Anonymous said...

Seriously, is ZX Elisha Cuthbert?

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's not every day that a Bartles and Jaymes reference is made so I can randomly tell people that my cat is named Bartles!

(...and my husband is James. The whole thing was quite amusing 15 years ago when we got the cat!)

Anonymous said...

I've thought Elisha for ZX as well. mmmmmmmmmm said...

OMFG I seriously thought Alexis Arquette was Tori Spelling for a second! LOLOLOLOLOL!

Anonymous said...

Brenda that is so funny I had to go back and look. LOL I guess Alexis should be happy s/he is resembling a "woman" and Tori Spelling should wish she looked that good.

Anonymous said...

Are you *sure* that's Tori and not some drag queen?
It could just be a bad picture, but still...

Anonymous said...

i love it! people think i name MY pets weird.
but an 18lb cat named "cujo" does have its advantages when the witnesses come to the door ("cujo, NO! BACK!")!!!!!!!!!!!

i didn't know they still made B&J. really.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure that if my last name was Manning I would be extra careful to wax or pluck the mustache

Anonymous said...

noy louboutin's. try oh deer a good knockoff.


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