Friday, May 11, 2007

Morning Links

Jaime Pressly has a son.

More Halle Berry pregnancy rumors. This time with photos.

Spencer Pratt wants to sleep with Paris. He's the guy who started the free Paris petition and the guy who convinced Heidi Montage to get the boob job.

LaKisha Jones speaks out. (She was on American Idol. I don't watch, so I didn't know who she was.)

CityRag charts the progress of the Olsen nose jobs over the years.


Anonymous said...

Those aren't the only baby rumors going around. What happened to Hollywood?

Anonymous said...

I cannot see any difference in the Olsen nose - just diffent camera angles...

When I saw the picture of Halle - I noticed the boobs as well. In all the other rumors it never really looked it, just like maybe she ate a complete meal, but this time looks different.

Anonymous said...

MK looks sickly as of late. Could she be chasing dragons or pharmmies?


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