Thursday, September 18, 2008

Too Bad Tatum Wasn't There

Tatum O'Neal had to open her mouth today to talk about her dad and her brother being arrested yesterday for alleged possession of meth. She could have kept quiet, but hey, she has books to sell, so she made some calls until she found someone who wanted to hear what she had to say.

"Addiction, if untreated, can lead to jail, institutions and death. I love them both, and I am sorry to hear about this."

That's it? That's all she wanted to say? Nothing else? How come with her dad and her brother it is addiction, but when she was arrested earlier this year it was all about dealing with the grief of her dead goldfish or dog or whatever it was. Remember she had not touched the stuff in years, but the dead hamster or gerbil or whatever three months earlier had finally triggered her need to go out and buy some drugs.

Well, maybe Ryan and Redmond had a canary die and so are turning to meth to relieve their grief. I can just see Tatum so prim and proper reciting that line. And does anyone really think she loves her dad? Come on. Sure she would do a line or two with him for old times sake, but she doesn't love him as in visit every Christmas or probably even call him on Father's Day. But, if you were ever wondering what they do at family reunions, now you know. Most people bake pies and cakes and food. The O' Neals go on back behind the house and cook up some meth for everyone.


Mooshki said...

Now I'm doubly glad I stopped by to visit my mom on the way into work today. I can't imagine what my life would be like if I hadn't been raised by the most awesome woman alive. Bad parents suck. :(

califblondy said...

Ya, Tatum didn't stand a chance between both parents. It's amazing that she and her brothers are still alive.

That's an awesome picture, btw. Reminds me of how hot Ryan used to be. Compare this shot to the mugshot from yesterday.

Molly said...

it's a little hard for the pot to call the two kettles black.

Little Blue Pill said...

Don't ask me why but one word always pops into my mind when I hear about Ryan and Tatum: incest.

not a famous adrian said...

Second time meth in the backyard is mentioned. What the hell was the blind?

Mooshki said...

Adrian, the blind is here, but it doesn't seem to apply to either of these guys.

not a famous adrian said...

Mooshki--thanks-- I did see that yesterday when I was searching. That's why I reneged my comment--but the backyard meth was mentioned twice, so I felt it should have some importance, somewhere.

Pink Skull said...

Why do you suspect incest?


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