Wednesday, April 18, 2007

More Links and ZX Later Today With Photos

Cindy Adams says Bruce Willis and Courtney Love are sort of seeing each other. That is the weakest statement on the face of the planet. That is the biggest hedge ever. Sort of is 100% libel proof because sort of could mean ANYTHING. If you don't have anything to say, then just wait until the next day. Don't just fill up space knowing that people read really quickly and will skip the sort of and say, "did you hear that Bruce Willis and Courtney Love are seeing each other? It started with that birthday kiss."

It wasn't Diddy going for 30 hours with Kim Porter, but Dave Chappelle did set a Laugh Factory record by doing just over six hours of stand-up on Sunday.

If you like Jenna Jameson anorexic, then here are some more photos of her looking just that.

Survivor will shoot its next edition in China.

Paula Abdul shows those Southwest Airlines passengers who the diva really is.

5 comments: said...

I had been wondering what Mr. Chappelle was up to lately.

Anonymous said...

Don't a billion people "survive" in China everyday?

I think it would be more interesting to drop them a 100 miles from anywhere in Alaska with just a week of food and tell them that the first one to make it to the nearest city and check into a hotel is the winner.

Anonymous said...

This rant on Cindy Adams is SO IRONIC coming from whomever is writing this blog!! Can't even say pot, kettle, black because this blog is NOT, NOT, NOT in the same league as legitimate gossip columnists.

tigereye said...

good goin' Dave

Anonymous said...

Screw Alaska, they should do Survivor where I live, in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver (the poorest zip code in Canada)...

Make em see how long they can last on the mean streets here until the next government check.

"Brought to you by Crack & Co."

PS: Paula Abdul, you're kinda stupid, huh?


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