Thursday, April 19, 2007

Morning Links

Bye Sanjaya. We will miss the way you almost brought the show down. We will also miss you because your presence assured more pictures of your sister in her Hooters outfit would surface.

50 Cent doesn't like metal detectors and also has a huge monthly child support bill.

Bye Joan. It just wasn't the same with you on TV Guide Channel anyway. Face it, no one wants to watch that channel because you are always distracted by the scrolling screen, and then you get caught up in actually watching the screen. Then, when you turn away for a second or respond to Joan's shrieks you miss the channel you were interested in and have to watch the scroll for another 10 minutes before it pops up again. You need to find some work soon Joan because I'm not sure Melissa has ever got a job on her own and she has a child to feed.

Chris Rock wants to know if he's the baby's daddy. I want to know why she waited until the child was 13 to file something. Chris Rock has been famous for awhile now. I don't think it's his unless maybe he told his wife he didn't have any other kids, then was paying the mother on the side. His wife notices some money is missing from the cookie jar and so Chris stops paying the mother. Mother gets pissed and files the action which leads to all the Chris Rock marriage on the rocks rumors. Nice little circle. Glad that's solved. Oh, and if that little scenario is true, the IRS would like to have a chat with both parties.

Lindsay says she's not an addict. I thought she went to AA meetings. You know the first thing everyone does is go around the circle and say, "Hi, I'm Lindsay and I'm an alcoholic." So anyway, I'm confused. Of course I'm confused about lots of things especially when they involve Lindsay.


Stacy said...

Other reports are saying that the mother has been trying to get Chris to take a paternity test for 10 years and he's been dodging her. The only reason he's cooperating now is because she went public.

Anonymous said...

...well, look @ what happened w/ gavin rossdale when he owned up to/met the 16 or 17 yr old he fathered and never "knew" about...

Anonymous said...

Lindsay needs to admit to something pretty soon, or else she will lose what little credibility she has left. People don't go to rehab unless there's some reason for it. Seems like she got straight back to the partying after she got out. Maybe she only went to become insurable again to get bigger movies? I feel sad for her, but she needs to get a grip.


Anonymous said...

Sooo true on the scroll. Drives me crazy when Joan distracts me and I miss what I'm looking for and there's no ability to reverse the scroll. Great observation - it cracked me up.


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