Monday, April 16, 2007

Random Photos

Rehab did wonders for Robbie Williams.

Michelle Rodriguez actually looks cute. Always wears the same clothes, but cute.

Milla Jovovich not so much.

"Who am I going to go home with tonight?"

I've seen Kelly Clarkson looking worse. Maybe if she left the boots home.

5 comments: said...

Dear God, what happened to my girl Milla???

Anonymous said...

why would kelly c. do that to a perfectly cute dress?

Anonymous said...

Robbie Williams looks like he is a little man.

All of the woman above need a stylist.

Anonymous said...

I think his IMDB says he's 6'1"

Its the jacket - supposedly slimming? The guy has an ass. He should now by now Americans are all about the booty.

Anonymous said...

Ack, make Milla a little fatter and she starts to look like Courtney Love


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