Friday, April 20, 2007

Pete Doherty Stays Out of Jail And Dumps Water on Pap

So, as you know the role model for drug users throughout the world stayed out of jail yesterday and was even praised by a London judge. I don't know if the judges over there are all former tricks of Pete, or if Kate is throwing out some freebies but there is something going on. Pete of course decided to celebrate by strumming his guitar for the press. Does he take it everywhere? Is it some type of blankie for him or does it just have his drugs in it? Does he strum his guitar while he is sitting on the toilet? It's everywhere.

Anyway, when Pete got home and was waiting for the Missus to come home with her paycheck, he got angry at a pap and decided to throw some water on him. Hopefully it didn't damage the camera because Pete will have to ask Kate for the money. Pete's about out of money.


Anonymous said...

That picture with the water coming out of the bucket is AWESOME! said...

I think he does take his guitar everywhere. I have a pic of him from about 2 years ago where he was on a London street corner playing songs for some boys for crack money.

Anonymous said...

brendalove, i'm loving your new avatar!
i miss the village people.


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