Friday, April 20, 2007

The New Speedy Collection

I can't decide if Mario Lopez wants us to see his Speedy Gonzales shirt or the socks he stuffed down his pants.
Mena Suvari finally manages a smile. Judging by the way she looks, I'm guessing she needs the free clothes. Even the guy behind her is saying, "Damn. That's the girl from American Beauty? Give me some Spacey instead. Hell, I'll even take Thora Birch and her dad."

Due to brain damage and damage to every other part of his body, Steve-O had to tattoo his two favorite cuss words to his fingers. He could also be using them as some type of code for what hand he uses for what function. Just a guess.

Go ahead and cop a feel Speedy. Kristin Cavallari isn't going to smack a mouse.


Anonymous said...

The Lopez caption is gold.

Anonymous said...

Kristin Cavallari is over. I guess she didn't realize she is like the cast of all those MTV reality shows. They have very limited shelf life. She and Heidi Montag are trying to whore themselves to some sort of credible celebrity status. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

i thought the whole speedy gonzales character was done away with years ago. negative stereotype and all that rot.

Anonymous said...

OMG ! THIS is Mena Suvari ? What a wreck.


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