Friday, April 20, 2007

More Links And ZX Later Today

It's always fun when a lawsuit pertaining to a movie gets some traction. It's at that point you can see all the accounting methods studios use in detail. Here is a breakdown of Sahara.

Spider-Man the Musical. At least we know Kirsten Dunst will always get some kind of work. It might be on the cruise ship version of the musical, but it will still be work. Oh, don't take that the wrong way. I don't think she'll actually be good enough to be in the musical. I just think she'll be able to find work signing souvenirs at the shows.

Ummm. Victoria Beckham just spent $4000 on bras and panties. What exactly does she do with the bras? Does she figure she needs to buy the pair even if she is only going to use the bottoms? Is it realistic to assume that a woman who never wears a bra actually wears panties? Did she buy these just because it's the one thing she has never bought before?


Anonymous said...

When do these celebrities who shop all the time find time actually wear everything. There has to be a point when their closets get way too full.

Anonymous said...

David gets the bra. sheesh Everybody knows thaaaat. :>

Anonymous said...

She's so anorexic I would have thought she shopped in the kiddie section...


Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for that Sahara link, I'll have to set aside half a day to read through all of that stuff.

Anonymous said...

c'mon enty. i, for one, am well kept, though certainly not to the extent that vicky is, and its easy peasy to drop 4k+ on bras or panties, not to mention lingerie. besdies, the good stuff like la perla and all the brands here in paris are 3-600 euros per item... so only buying a few things results in a similar tab, if not much higher. you should know this, non?


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