Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Morning Links

Every time I type in morning links or links I always start thinking about sausage, and say, "I should go get some sausage after work or right now, or whenever. I've yet to do it, but every morning I just see them frying in a pan and think how good they would taste right now."

Harrison Ford engaged. At 64, he realizes that he might as well stick with what he's got now because with his winning personality it's going to be tough to find someone else who's 24 years younger and can actually put up with him.

Joe Pesci goes off on Robbie Williams. So you know I just had to find a Joe Pesci clip from Goodfellas.

No one ever said Kristin Cavallari was dumb. She's also tons more palatable than Parasite.


Amber said...

Ent.. was that some kind of message? You love sausage? :p

Anonymous said...

Harrison is not going to marry just cause they say they are " engaged" does not mean there will be a wedding. I bet you Howard Stern ( the dj ) will not marry his girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

Damn you Ent! You just made me Google "sausage recipes" and now I have the growlies.

Do I ever have a great restaurant for you when you visit! Freshly made sausage & fries, beer and big screen sports! (PS Go Canucks!)

And hey, check out those Sausage of the Month clubs (I wish for my sake it meant something else, but it's as advertised)!

Anonymous said...

Ent - this is Casino not goodfella's.

Next time ask a Italian:)

schneefloeckli said...

Is Harrison Ford one of the Jackass BIs?


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