Monday, April 16, 2007

More Weekend Stuff

Howard K Stern sued Virgie's lawyer.

America Ferrera says she will never be anorexic.

Don Ho dies at 76.

Scarlett Johansson has a tough time staying monogamous. Didn't act that way when I met her. Of course I'm old enough to be her grandfather so that may have something to do with it.

Kylie Minogue got herself a new guy and he's just 23. Nice.

Posh and Becks living separate lives. No, not the Phil Collins song. This is real, not a song.


Anonymous said...

scarlett gets tested twice a year for hiv becuase she gets twice yearly complete physicals for insurance purposes. she gets the std test becuase she gets a complete blood work up as part of the physical and feels that since shes there she might as well get tested for everything. she talked about this in her vogue magazine interview after glamour magazine didn't publish the complete story

Anonymous said...

she right, if human beings were instintivly monogamous like peguins are, there wouldn't be a check box for adultury on all of the applications for divorce

Anonymous said...

omg, the don ho news broke my heart. so sorry to hear that. my heart goes out to his family (omg, poor hoku). he really was a decent guy. rip.

Anonymous said...

She finds it hard to be monogamous at twenty-friggin'-two??? I find that hysterically funny.


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