Monday, April 16, 2007

GLAAD Media Awards

Rebecca Romijn looks incredible.
How can you not love Neil Patrick Harris? Seriously.

Loni Anderson looks great.

Katherine Heigl does her Saturday Night Fever impersonation but still looks good.

"I'm kissing her. Not on the lips of course, but everyone will post this photo. Am I blushing? It feels like I'm blushing. Is she trying to slip me tongue?"

"I'm thinking about dating Jake Gyllenhaal."

"I'm thinking about dating Ent."

He ain't no Marc Anthony. What did Dayanara see in Marc Anthony anyway?

"No kid tonight. I'm tired of going to the playground. Every damn day it's a different playground."

Alec Mapa. Funny as hell. Unfortunately the clip below is not from the show.


PiscesTia said...

I LOVE Alec Mapa! I met him at a NGLTF conference back in college. My friends and I had dinner with he and his boyfriend and everything. I didn't even realize who he was at the time. It was great stuff tho.

Anonymous said...

Who's the guy with Dayanara? He's yummy! said...

When my dad had to go to my graduation he had the same look on his face all night. said...

Looking like Ben Affleck, I mean.

Anonymous said...

The guy with Dayanara Torres is actually Eduardo Xol, the landscape architect from "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition." He's openly gay.

Anonymous said...

lol @: "Every damn day it's a different playground." !

Anonymous said...

Of course he's openly gay. He had to either be that, married or a serial killer for me to find him attractive.

Anonymous said...

ROFL Pinky!

And Katherine Heigl HAS to stop shopping at Baby Gap. She looks ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Come on Ent it's GLAAD media awards!
Katherine Heigl is not doing a Satuday Night Fever Revival.

She's doing an Ellen Degeneres impersonation!

Anonymous said...

Heigl's suit is a mess. It is way too small.

Anniston needs a new hairstyle STAT. She been wearing it that way for 10 years. Let's move on to the next stage in your life girl.

Anonymous said...

where's our favourite blind item answer, kate walsh? she was rocking some pretty severe fringe to this event.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but look what happened to Meg Ryan when she changed her hairstyle. She stopped working. Which reminds me, what happened to her adoptive kid - did she give her back?

Hez, nice to see you're back from the bender ;)

Anonymous said...

Ent, your caption about "Im thinking of dating Jake Gyllenhall" -Does that mean that Jennifer Anniston is Miz V in Ted's blind item?


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