Monday, April 16, 2007

TV Land Awards

To me Valerie Bertinelli doesn't need to lose any weight. She looks great.

Mackenzie Phillips

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia. Did you get some work done?

Jeff Conaway and his Dominatrix.

At least Heather Mills doesn't look like she's charging by the hour.

Chyna on the other hand...

The Beav.

After the Beav, perhaps you would like to see something happier and more uplifting like Adrianne Curry's new breasts.

Adrianne and her bitch, umm, father, umm, husband, Christopher Knight.


Anonymous said...

Wow- Valerie looks great- Mackenzie- ah not so much- hard life that one. Why don't these people have lives after Hollywood- Get in- make your money- get out and move on-it's really pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Christopher Knight= FAT! said...

This is the equivalent of a high school reunion to these people.

Anonymous said...

eek. christopher knight is wearing more makeup than his daughter!

vb looks great! poor mckenzie, talk about looking rough.

mooshki said...

Adrianne's boobs still look lopsided. I thought she got that fixed?

Anonymous said...

im thinking the Jenny Craig commercials were shot before this picture of Val...shes looks great!

Anonymous said...

Heather used to charge by the hour but she hit the lottery when she married Paul McCartney. She's serviced more Arabs than Cheney.

You'd think all rich men would do a background check on women they marry. Either Paul didn't do it or he needs to sue his Privat Investigator. Apparently everyone knew her past but him.

Anonymous said...

Is that Mackenzie or a younger Carol Burnett?


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