Tuesday, March 10, 2009

5 Years Of Marriage To Anne Heche Is Worth $1.2M

I'm trying to think if I could suffer through five years of marriage to Anne Heche for $1.2M. It depends on how much I could drink I guess. Anne Heche and her former husband Coley Laffoon finally settled on how much money Anne was going to have to pay to make the whole thing come to an end. Coley gets a $500,000 lump sum payment and another $700K which is his share of the community property. Anne gets to keep her multi-million dollar house which she will probably lose in her next divorce. No, I'm not hoping she will get divorced, I just know the odds are really, really good. Of course she needs to get married for that to happen, and I don't think he current boyfriend is any rush to make that happen.

In what was a surprise to me, Coley and Anne did agree to a 50/50 custody for their 7 year old son Homer. I think Homer had been living with Coley full-time during this entire proceeding and despite the 50/50 custody arrangement, I'm guessing that Anne probably is not going to get 50/50 when it comes to visitation. Would you want to spend 50% of the time with Anne? Of course we don't know what Homer thinks about it. He might really want to spend that much time with her.


Pookie said...

enty, pls.

the guy's name is "Laffoon", for pete's sake. he slaps his child w/ "Homer". regardless of anne heche and all her crazy, i say he's lucky he's seeing a dime.

Ror said...

Well, everything about her is 50/50.

If ya get my drift....and I think ya do

Paisley said...

Yes, I doubt she'll be with Homer much of the time. The kid's primary residence is in LA where he goes to school. Doesn't Anne live in Vancouver with James Tupper? And once the new kid is born, I don't see her traveling much.

I also believe Coley had a lot of dirt on Anne.

Cheryl said...

They need a fund to pay for all the therapy Homer Laffoon is going to need.

bionic bunny! said...

@ ror: i think she's a little more 51-50.

and if poor homer is a bright kid, he'll be able to make his own choices before long. she pretty much abandoned him and his dad for the new guy.

canadachick said...

She just had the next kid..name - Atlas ? ....so ya Homer and Atlas. Crazy


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