Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pamela Bach Spends More Time In Jail

if Pamela Bach could have got this kind of attention when she was an actress, then perhaps her career could have gone somewhere. Last night the ex-wife of The Hoff was arrested for felony DUI at around 9pm, which means according to my calculations, she got tanked at dinner. You don't often get the 9pm DUI's, but, the good news is that because it was so early she got bailed out and was home in bed by midnight.

This is not the first time Pamela has seen the inside of a jail cell. Let's take a look back, shall we? In September 2007, she turned herself in to police after being charged with a hit and run that had taken place in January 2007. I'm guessing she fled the scene before cops got there, because perhaps she was suffering from the same issue she was last night. That charge was later dropped.

Of course back in 2006, The Hoff accused of her being a drug addict, and that she needed daily psychiatric help and medications.

I think of all this probably played a part in the $100,000 bail Bach had to put up last night. That is a very large amount to have to put up for a DUI. Of course by the time this is all done, she will probably have to take a class or two and nothing else will happen to her, and she will be free to do it again, and maybe next time end the life of someone.


McDooks said...

Crazy bitch.

MontanaMarriott said...

All the Hoff's ex wives look alike, talk about Stepford wives, lol

nunaurbiz said...

Maybe she was just testing something out after someone told her she couldn't even get arrested in that town, did you think of that?


stiffkittens said...

Why is this woman allowed behind a wheel?

Majik said...

I heard the Hoff bailed her out. Weird.

ardleighstreet said...

I feel sorry for their daughters.
Can you imagine having her AND Hoff as parents.

Kelli said...

Seriously. And apparently she was a high class call girl when she met him.


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