Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Thanks For The Gossip Mischa Barton

If it weren't for Mischa Barton posting in her blog, I don't think there would ever be any actual Mischa Barton gossip reported anywhere. Mischa cracks me up. She says that as soon as she got back to London after Fashion Week, she broke up with her boyfriend Luke. She just wanted to blog about it so we would hear about it from her before we heard it from anyone else. Honestly Mischa, I doubt we would have heard, because no one really cares.

Oh sure, your 32 fans who constantly comment on your site care. But, the only reason they care is because their countries are just now showing The OC, so they think you are a big star and not some Viking Quest has been.

Mischa assures us there was no cheating or anything. Why would we think that Mischa? Something you want to tell us? Some rumor we are going to hear? What about Luke cheating on you all of the time and making you look foolish? That didn't enter into your decision? From what I understand this relationship ended a long time ago. It isn't like the two of you have been hanging out a lot together. Sure, you might have taken the time when you were in London to go pick up your stash from his house, but I doubt you were surprised to find that he was entertaining someone when you went over there.

I'm sorry it didn't work out, but maybe if you dated guys for anything other than publicity reasons it might work out better for you.


JaxSux said...

"Viking Quest has been"



nice one Enty ;)

mooshki said...

Enty, how could you leave out the best part:

"...we both find it very difficult to deal with a lot of attention or speculation from the media."


Pookie said...

enty, i love you. we all love you. but i'm beginning to suspect there may be need for a serious enty intervention.

you are way too obsessed w/ this mischa nobody, and despite your claims at not liking her...you sure do blog about her. alot. methinks he doth protest to much?

you're scaring me.

canadachick said...

HEE from Eonline : "Over in self-absorbed Mischa Barton blogland, she's whining about breaking up with her boyfriend and calling for privacy"

Miranda said...

This whole thing is just so ... sad. I have people like this in my life, who constantly update their FB profiles like everyone around them gives a damn ... but we don't. Mischa's always good for a laugh, though. I wonder what it's like living inside her vacuous bubble?

KellyLynn said...

I'm still convinced that the 32 bloggers are only actually 2 bloggers - the publicist or other lackey who pretends to be various fans to make her blog look popular, and that odd person from venezuela who thinks he's so wordly by discovering The OC out in torrent-land.

twunty mcslore said...

This cooze is a major snooze. I am kinda waiting for her to pull a Tara Reid, though.

jax said...

"Viking Quest has been"

nice Drama reference!

Jenny said...

i literally just lol'd at the viking quest mention! and miranda--i am sooo over those "facebook mischas" too! (although i think twitter is definitely worse) get a life!

stiffkittens said...

KellyLynn - someone mentioned in a previous Mischa post that they used to be employed to make lots of fake comments on blogs/websites to make it look like they had a lot of traffic. I think they also said that the comments on her blog have all the signs of being fake (though anyone can see that their selves!)

If you go through the comments, they are all generic, and the only ones that look like they came from a real source are those that are taking the piss out of her (because people like me have gone there and left a message...)

It's so pathetic and desperate when you look at it, but amusing as hell. I wonder if she knows they are fake, or she truly thinks people give a shit?!

Jungle007 said...

lol about facebook mischas... I deleted my facebok a loong time ago, it made my personal life too readily available just with people's postings on my wall and pictures. I am the anti-facebook.

But that was by far the worst thing- people constantly posting their personal buisness as their "what are you doing" line. If you are going through a break-up, keep it to yourself!! You're not shaming the ex by posting "My life is so much better without that asshole", you just look fluckin crazy.

Mischa is a fag.

slappywhyte said...

viking quest has been -- haha good line


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