Thursday, March 12, 2009

Random Photos Part One

The original Tony & Tia from Escape To Witch Mountain and Return From Witch Mountain at the premiere for Race To Witch Mountain.
And here Ike Eisenmann and Kim Richards are back in 1975.
You would think that Amanda Bynes would be smiling much bigger knowing she dumped that tool Doug Reinhardt, and that any kissing she may have done with him was prior to him getting exposed to whatever Paris Hilton has running through her system.
The new Tony & Tia, although in the movie their names are Seth and Sara.
Brittny Gastineau claims there is interest in her doing another reality program. Interest and a paycheck for doing it are two completely separate things.
Is it just me, or is Bai Ling really becoming more modest in her clothing choices?
"Dear Lord. Please let Britney not go off the deep end so we can keep getting paid."
Corey Feldman with two guests who are definitely not his wife.
Why hello Carla Gugino, it must be a week since you have been in the photos. That is far too long.
You may not recognize the name Christine Lakin, but if you watched Step By Step you probably recognize her face. It's hard to believe she is 30.
Bad Idea #642 - Daniel Baldwin and a golf club.
Apparently Dwayne Johnson really wants to do a Broadway musical. I'm thinking he should take Shannen Doherty's part in Heathers. Seriously, I'm trying to think what role he might be good for and can't think of one.
Our very own Dominique Swain. Not that we own her, own her, but she does have a special place in the history of the site.
Ummm. My vote for the worst ever photo of Dita von Teese.
I'm not sure why Gwen is wearing Gavin's pants, but whatever makes their relationship work. It has worked for Tom and Katie.
Hugh Jackman does airplane rides with his daughter.
The lovely Juliette Binoche.
Jewel and a crutch.
Jennifer Morrison and Amaury Nolasco don't usually let themselves be photographed together so this is kind of interesting.
Kimberly Caldwell on the way to her dinner theatre job where she plays Sandy in Grease. I would have also accepted Rizzo.
Randomness of the day. Kanye with Lady GaGa who looks a lot like his girlfriend. I'm surprised Kanye even went out last night considering how bad the reviews of his American Idol performance have been.
Miranda Cosgrove going to a party at the adult table.
Michael Vartan with a golfer tan and some tattoos I didn't know he had.
I guess it is because it is about the only time she ventures outside, but every photo of Natalie Portman is always when she is walking her dog.
Orlando Bloom letting his hair grow out.
Olivia Wilde needs to eat something.
Shannen Doherty and her dude. Shannen says she is going to be on the season finale of 90210. Maybe she gets to kill someone. That would be fun.
Taylor Swift - Sydney
Apparently today in Sweden is Victoria Day. So, everyone in the entire country comes out and says hi to Crown Princess Victoria. Does she get presents? I bet Victoria would like some presents. It probably makes her feel more like a princess when she gets presents. How about cake? Does she get cake? Maybe she passes out red velvet cup cakes to all her subjects. It is a big crowd, so you would think they have free food or ABBA showing up.


ItsJustMe said...

The original Tony and Tia! OMG! (Yes, I am a huge dork)

janele said...

Hard to believe the original Tia is Paris Hilton's aunt on her mother's side.

CDAN Mod said...

bai ling is another unfortunate looking soul.

yep, imma need dita to start with a more mordern look. it's time. she should save the very vintage look for her ahem, clients private viewing.

mooshki said...

Olivia Wilde scares me. :( For the love of god, it's time to put an end to this starvation epidemic.

Cooper's Mom said...

Christine Lakin was in The Hottie and the Nottie with our faveourite parasite...

MontanaMarriott said...

LOVE ME SOME VICTORIA OF SWEDEN, she reminds me of a young Allie McGraw

Michael Vartan sipping a cosmo, hmmmmm GAY lol

The Rock can do anything and I will be there, SIIGHHH

OMG the original Tony aged badly

Julie said...

heh kim and kathy richards

didn't Kim have brown hair even recently? its horrible blonde.

CDAN Mod said...

oh, i forgot. that britney's staff prayer picture was funny! shoot this economy sucks, and i don't blame them for praying. lol.

incognito said...

Jennifer Morrison and Amaury Nolasco made it "official" when she took him to the SAG Awards a month ago. Since then, they've been photographed together on several occasions. Lovely couple.

Unknown said...

Um, I know Corey Feldman used to hang out with Michael Jackson back in the day. So is it just me, or is he beginning to morph into MJ?

clatie said...

How about a King & I revival for The Rock. He can do a Yul Brunner and wander around without a shirt on and talk-sing.

mygeorgie said...

Is Brittany Gasteneau standing beside an imaginary 'little person'? Who stands like that? What a retard.

I know, double faux pas. That's the kind of mood I'm in.

kimmypie1 said...

hmm is Olivia Wilde the answer to a blind about a tv star who is bad into coke? I think most people were guessing some stars of Housze. She looks horrible, which makes me sad because I think she is gorgeous!!

Pookie said...

amanda bynes looks like a cutie pie...i'm thinking she's ananswer to a which one. eep.

wow, juliette binoche looks great!

kanye looked (and sounded) asstastic on AI last night. still an overrated douche.

yikes, dita. time to reinvent yourself.

lutefisk said...

Miranda Cosgrove looks like the 15 year old girl that she is.
Very refreshing.

ms_goddess said...

What Kathryn said!

Kimberly Caldwell reminds me of Connie Stevens (which reminds me of Back to the Beach, which makes me think of that song "we'll be out there having fun in the warm California sun", which annoys my co-workers cause then I walk around humming it all afternoon)

Was Christine Lakin the "tomboy" sister in Step by Step?

Orlando looks hot in that pic - but it seems I read somewhere about him not changing clothes very often. Ew!

mamao said...

@ kathryn I was going to suggest the very same role! He'd be perfect.

But I really would see him in anything. Which is why I am going to see this movie even though I am a middle aged woman with no children.

ItsJustMe said...

Yes, Christine Lakin's character was the tomboy - "Al" short for Alice.

ms_goddess said...

Thanks AnonMom!

jax said...

that's funny i was thinking a the King of Siam as well.

Green Wave Gal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Green Wave Gal said...

the Britney prayer is funny and it's at the NASSAU COLISEUM-I noticed the logo of my NY Islanders on the wall... :) Memories.

I didn't know about Jennifer and Amaury...nice.

Michael Vartan is is Dwayne Johnson...I have eclectic tastes.

I loved Step by Step! Christine looks pretty! I probably never would have recognized her.

Olivia looks ill! :(

califblondy said...

The Rock has a good singing voice so he wouldn't have to talk-sing it. He can dance okay too. To think of him doing it shirtless just adds to the yum factor.

Sporky said...

Is that Britney at the end of the hallway, praying? I thought it was backstage at a wrestling match somewhere....

Speaking of wrestling, yes I would watch The Rock as Yul Brynner. With the sound turned down, of course.

Aly said...

Madame Binoche is luminous, radiant and the reining Queen of French Film.
There are not enough words to describe her.

And is there a man who can wear jeans sexier than Hugh Jackman, er except for Clive Owen, maybe?

Stop the gay-speak about Michael Vartan. He is a p-hound starting with Jennifer Garner(pre-Bennifer) and Drew Barrymore. Dontcha know?

sara said...

Ooh... the Roch as the King of Siam. Me likey. I was going to suggest him as Nathan Detroit in Guys and Dolls.

lutefisk said...

Green Wave Gal, a lot of my daughter's friends went to the Coliseum to see Britney--so many that a teacher postponed a test that was supposed to be this morning.
Anyways, theses are a bunch of 15 year olds that were her original fans 10 years ago.
Word was--it was "OK". That was about it.

Nichole Fisher said...

ms_goddess - I LOVE Back to the Beach. It's one of my favorite cheesy 80s movies.

Kaley said...

Oh, I love Michael Vartan. We don't see enough of him!!! And gay? By what definition?

c17 said...

Pffft....whatevs. I have tix to see DTV here in Seattle and I can't wait!

That pic of Orlando reminds me of Bret McKenzie who just happens to be engaged,,,way to remind me of what I can't have Ent!

c17 said...

Yeah, that's DVT and I forgot to mention...ah, never mind. :-P

bionic bunny! said...

does anybody else have a problem with blogger randomly signing them off? if i knew this was going to happen i would have picked an easier password, dammit!

anyway, the crown princess looks lovely. i hope she has red velvet cupcakes. everyone should. i know _I_ should.

why is that vartan dude drinking a lady drink in front of a huge patron display? patron isn't my first choice, but, REALLY!

i watched one of dominique's movies last weekend, i was so excited! i tried to explain it to the fam, but the just shook their heads and walked away. can't remember which movie it was, but she had top billing! yay!

aw, i loved little kim richards. wasn't she in nanny & the professor? always wondered what happened to her. remember all the stink about the original "witch mountain" movie? me either. i heard about it years later, so i'm now surprised they are re-making it. eh, it's not animation, so somebody besides me gets to see it first!

Babs said...

I personally would love to see The Rock as Mary Poppins...

(Quite a visual, isn't it?)

Maja With a J said...

Crown Princess Victoria just got engaged (to a REGULAR PERSON! *GASP*), so it's extra special this year, I guess. Although I have to admit, I have never been big on royalty. The castle in Stockholm is a beautiful place to visit though!

ElsieFire said...

Wow, Tony and Tia. It just dawned on me that I.AM.OLD.AS.FUCK.


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