Friday, March 13, 2009

Random Photos Part One

I put the Queen on top, because I don't think I have ever seen her smile, and certainly not one that actually looked genuine like this.
This is Brian Evigan otherwise known as BJ & The Bear's daughter.
I have put most of the Mad Men cast in the photos but I don't know if I have put Alison Brie in before.
Is that a Zodiac calendar that Bai Ling is wearing?
Do you think Carson Daly drunk dials?
Clive Owen for what seems like the 30th time this week.
This photo of Clive and Julia is pretty cool though.
Cold War Kids - Los Angeles
The horrific orange shoes kind of distract from the new hair style of Fergie.
Yes we know Gwyneth. You are better than all of us. Do you think she practices walking that way at home?
A really great photo of John Galliano at his show in Paris.
John Singleton is setting a bad example for his son by having him think that other people still wear Christian Audiger.
Liev Schreiber on the set of his new movie.
Liv Tyler kind of has that Selma Blair look about her in this picture.
How much pleather can one person wear? Apparently Mischa isn't going to be on Melrose and instead is going to play a really bitchy model in an Ashton Kutcher series.
A first time appearance for Michael Jai White.
I didn't even recognize Michelle Rodriguez.
I won't even say anything about Mena Suvari's hair. She still gets a free pass from dad.
When I first saw this photo I was like why is Penelope Cruz kissing Erik Estrada? Then I realized it was Pedro Almodovar and it made sense.
The one and only Peter Fonda.
Paul Walker is back. As long as they keep making these sequels he will have a career.
A first time appearance for Robert Buckley.
I think Reese and Kiefer have done ten different cities and their clothes have been almost identical in each one.
Shar Jackson. She looks really good.
Timothy Hutton channeling his Greg Brady look.
The Noisettes - London
And Mr. Vin Diesel back on the red carpet for an action movie.
Vanessa Williams looks amazing here.
No so much for William Romeo.


Green Wave Gal said...

Michael Jai White is yummy!

Awwww...the queen looks so cute with that smile! lol

Um, are those Liv's boobs we're seeing? Her bra? Part of the dress?

MISCH said...


Ice Angel said...

Anyone think that Peter Fonda might just be our reveal?

Kim said...

Were Carson Daly and Denise Richards separated at birth?

lutefisk said...

The Queen looks like she had a nip of something right before the photo was taken.

Anonymous said...

Yay, Queen Elizabeth! I just like her.

Ice Angel, I think you may be right...

HellO, Mr. White!

Mena's wearing a wig, right?

kanonymous said...

"This is Brian Evigan otherwise known as BJ & The Bear's daughter"

They named their daughter BRIAN?????????

Pookie said...

you cannot tell me the EntyPapi could possibly be ok w/ mena's weird wig.

captivagrl said...

Fergie - that's a hair do(n't)
looks like a very used halloween wig. speaking of meth, Mischa looks like shit.

Green Wave Gal said...

I think her name is Briane or Brianne.

figgy said...

Shar Jackson, aka The Only Sane/Decent One In The Scary Shar-Britney-Kevin Triangle.

jw12 said...

Michelle Rodriguez looks good.

Vanessa Williams is perfect.

Julia's mouth is bigger than Clive.

I use to have a huge crush on Greg Evigan.

Unknown said...

I'm not big on Clive Owen but he has a face that was made for the vintage/retro black & white photo. He's a visual flashback to Old Hollywood.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

I used to think Mischa was really, really beautiful, but I honestly feel as if she is decidedly NOT qualified to play a model. Not even some Sears catalogue model.

Not to be too harsh or anything, but it's painfully obvious that this girl doesn't take care of herself.

I LLLLOOOOVE Vanessa's dress -- and SHE is doing something right! Mischa needs to emulate her.

ms_wonderland said...

The Queen was at a race meeting - she probably had a big win on the geegees.

Denis Stearns said...

Well, I guess we now know the answer to the BI about the star who needs money and is going to go back to the genre that made him a star in the first place. Hi Vin!

califblondy said...

What is it about the Queen? I just love her.

I thought Robert Buckley was hot until Ent put Paul Walker on top of him. So to speak.

Mena rocks that dress and those shoes, but in the hell is with the Angie Dickinson hair? Drew did it much better.

palealebrew10 said...

does anyone else feel like there are a few "blind" answers here in the random photos? ?

Hope said...

Carson Daly is starting to look like Denise Richards.

PJ Nelson said...

All hail the queen - she looks lovely.

Gwenny looks like someone just hit her with a thong snuggie. Wedgie? Like snuggie better :)

princessj1987 said...

Clive Owe...yum.

Fergie looks like Megan Fox with that hair color and style.

Mischa Barton...yikes!

Everything looks good on Mena except the wig.

Love, love, love Noisettes.

Vanessa Williams...always beautiful.

Jungle007 said...

Loooove Mena's shoes!!

Bai Ling has lost her fashion mojo... ugh.

Agreed, Carson looks like Denise Richards!! :P

Clive looks great in the pics today :) yum

....don't know how I feel about Fergie's new look. Maybe she's trying to keep Josh interested....?

I agree with princessj1987, seems she's trying to look like Megan Fox.

Anonymous said...

the noisettes!

i saw them at the stone pony in asbury park a few years ago, and they were fantastic. Shingai Shoniwa is an electric performer, and she happily chatted with the bathroom employee and myself before their set.

Anonymous said...

the noisettes!

i saw them at the stone pony in asbury park a few years ago, and they were fantastic. Shingai Shoniwa is an electric performer, and she happily chatted with the bathroom employee and myself before their set.

Linnea said...

oh, i am trying to find that blind but i am failing! Does anyone else remember it?

West End Girl said...

I'm failing with the BI reveal too :(

Clive Owen though, yum yum.

I also love Mena's shoes, they're divine!

Can Reese disappear for a while now, please? Yawn yawn yawn. To think I used to love her, as an actress.

shakey said...

Love B&W photos!

Maybe Ferg wore those shoes to distract from the hair.

Is it me, or does Goopie look like she's emulating someone from a bad '80s movie? Love the John Galiano pic.

Liv Tyler does look like Selma Blair with long hair.

Can anyone tell me how Shar Jackson rates to walk on a red carpet? Just because she a K-Fed baby momma? That's it?

whiskerpudding said...

Carson Daly's eyes are blown. Wasn't he the answer to a blind vice about trashing a hotel lobby while high?

Yellow Rose said...

PJ-I literally laughed out loud when you said "snuggie"! My parents have ALWAYS said snuggie instead of wedgie (& 'course I say it too ;))-it makes me smile every time they say it. But I thought we were the only ones that called it that! (I once asked them where they got it from & neither could remember).

Hervana said...

With all due respect, Her Maj looks like something out of Wallace and Gromit.


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