Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Random Photos Part One

I am really into Emily Blunt lately as you can tell, so I figure if you combine her with Amy Adams you almost have to put them on top. That, and I heard Amy is pregnant.
Clive Owen is a very good dresser, and he is not bad looking either.
Something looks very different about Claudia Schiffer here.
It's like a 9 to 5 reunion, minus Dabney Coleman and Lily Tomlin. But, anyway it does include Dolly Parton and Jane Fonda.
It's hard to believe, but I think this is the first time David Straithairn has been in the photos or even the blog. It is long overdue.
I know Eric Bana's jacket is supposed to look like that, but it still looks like someone crumpled it up in a ball, threw it in a corner and then said, "meh. I can wear it."
Hello Emmy Rossum.
It's been, what a whole week since Freida Pinto was in the photos? She certainly has made the most of her 15 minutes of screen time in Slumdog.
And then the leopard and the dog ran off and lived together happily ever after on the streets of New York.
Jennifer Lopez actually looks good here, but I'm distracted by all of the unusually large hands everywhere in the picture.
Julia Roberts looks ok, but I always expect to see her dressed up at her own premieres and not wearing a suit that looks four sizes too large.
I'm guessing there are not too many hours in the day that go by without Jamie Hince taking a drink or doing something even stronger. Just a guess mind you.
Kiefer Sutherland is looking really good lately and really in shape.
Lily Allen looks genuinely happy here which is always nice to see, especially when you are getting loaded up with free Chanel for being there.
The one and only Lea Thompson.
I know it was a costume party, but it is still atrocious.
Mel C and the first photo of her baby. Mel did donate all the proceeds from exploiting her baby to charity which is great.
I'm not sure Marcia Cross has ever eaten apple sauce, but she looks nice here. Shell shocked, but nice.
A first time appearance for Mick Doohan.
The always lovely Milla Jovovich.
Notice that his real hair is not the same color as his plugs.
She really does look just like her cartoon figure. It is kind of freaking me out.
This is freaking me out even more though.
I think at some point Susan Lucci just needs to say no to the new boobs. They just keep growing and growing.
The random photo of the day goes to Stella, her dad Paul, and Pink. It kind of sounds like a band. Stella, Paul & Pink.
The random athlete of the day is Tim Cahill.
It has been forever since I had Tim McGraw and Faith Hill in a photo together.
More randomness. Trudie Styler and Julianna Margulies.
The streets of Vancouver are alive with all things Twilight. In this case, Nikki Reed, Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart.
At least she got rid of the military looking thing she wore there. What does she do with something like that? Does she just wear it once and then give it back? Does she throw it away or give it to a homeless person to wear around the neighborhood?
Will Ferrel has lost some weight and he is wearing more than just his underwear. He looks good.


palealebrew10 said...

I agree on most of your comments, up until the comment about Will Ferrell looking good. He looks horrible. Yes, he's lost weight but he looks..frazzled.

I love Emily Blunt!!! And Amy Adams is pregnant? Interesting. Wasn't she recently photographed without her engagement ring or something, too?

palealebrew10 said...

Also, fuinny how Emily Blunt is now a couple with John Krasinski-Amy Adams paired up with his character on The Office! I think this is for promotion for that film, Sunshine Cleaning.

Aly said...

Can I be in the middle of the Clive Own/Eric Bana sandwich. Pretty please.

For about three minutes, I thought that was actually looking more like Carol Burnett than Jane Fonda. Methinks the plastic surgeon(s) switched faces, maybe? Jane looked great when she got freshened immediately post-Ted. Now, not so much. Can she take it back?

IndigoBlue said...

Aly - I am totally with you on thinking Jane Fonda was Carol Burnett...wtf??

lutefisk said...

Why do men color their hair/plugs, but not their facial hair?
just ewwww!

Carte Blanche said...

In looking at other (more close up) photos of Reese at that same premiere, I have to say that her boobs have grown.

She either has a bra with inserts that take her up a size and a half, or she's had an undercover 'enhancement' done...

Made me think of yesterday's NY Daily blind about the pop-star you wouldn't suspect having a second boob job. Except insert "A-list squeaky clean actress" instead of "pop-star".

For comparison, see:

littleoleme said...

Emmy Rossum - who?

Milla Jovovich - I think I wore that same outfit to my grade 9 grad.

amazonblue said...

And then the cheetah and the dog ran off and lived happily ever after.

Crazy cat lady here.

nancer said...

posh looks like she just got off a spaceship. "take me to your leader.'

i would hope julia roberts' suit fit better than it looks in that picture. it's hard to imagine her going to a premiere in something baggy and unbecoming.

love david strathairn!!!!

i'm still laughing at nicolas cage. does he think he's fooling anyone with that shit?

jax said...

someone needs to let Emmy Rosem know her 15 mins were up a long ass time ago. i mean what has she been in since Phantom?

Vancouver is alive with the smell of dope coming off Kristen Stewart.
welcome to town!

kimi said...

Clive Owen is yummy. Hope he does lots of movies.......If rumors are true about Sarah Jessica Parker being into coke, wonder if its making her nose start to collapse.

Majik said...

Claudia Schiffer looks like Heath Ledger's Joker...that's what's off.

Nadine said...

Timmy! *thud* More Aussie Socceroos thanks :)

Jeannies Bottle said...

I agree about David Straitharn....a hottie for a long time!

califblondy said...

I saw Carol Burnett in that picture too. Jeez, I love Dolly, but that face is joker-scarey.

Susan Lucci's head and boobs keep getting bigger. Weird.

I think David Straithairn is hot.

Kate Moss looks like hell, no big shock there.

Same for SJP. Face, hair, outfit, all suck.

Spice baby is adorable.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Eric Bana can pretty much wear whatever the hell he wants. Homeboy could wear a muu muu and I'd still get a girlie boner. What can I say?

I just don't understand the appeal of Amy Adams. I REALLY don't get it.

WednesdayFriday said...

I feel like that dress Emmy Rosswhatever is wearing is showing too much skin. And the color is unbecoming on her skin tone.

That said, SJP takes the fashion victim award.

bionic bunny! said...

she's a redhead. enty, like most of the men i personally know, seems to love redheads.
plus i think she's supposed to be a sweetie-pie, but that could be a guess on my part.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Bunny: oh, I know. I guess she's nice and all, which is...nice. I'm just sick and tired of seeing her in the random photos is all, to be really honest.

I think redheads are great (unless they're evil, of course). A full head of natural red hair is so, so enviable -- especially if it's curly.

I DO love redheads. Two words: Conan O'Brien. Here are two more words: Neko Case. Also: Susan Sarandon.

Just a tangent, but there you go!

Sporky said...

I always mix up Amy Adams with Isla Fisher. They are one and the same to me for some reason...

Clive Owen = netherland tinglies for me.

Dolly I love you, but you scare the shit out of me.

David Straithairn = more netherland tinglies for me.

I cannot stand Lily Allen but I do covet her little pink outfit.

Madonna gets more and more ridiculous with time. The shark has been jumped, caught, filleted, grilled, and shit out by this point.

Same goes for Nicolas Cage.

Nature Girl, I am with you on the Reese b.i., I thought the same thing when I saw her pictures.

MY GOD, Stella McCartney's forehead is almost the same size as her ego!

LOL@ Jax's comment about Kristen. I can't hate her for being a pothead. Snarky cunt maybe, but not for being into the ganja. And Taylor L. is yummy and brings out the cougar in me.

Posh is a fashion victim as far as I'm concerned. She looks ridiculous as fuck in almost every outfit lately. Plus she has a pig nose. Pig nose!! Maybe that's why she dresses like an alien....to detract from the foundation-caked snout.

GladysKravitz said...

Criss cross, Marcia Cross.

Couldn't resist.

Pookie said...

eep. stella mcc. and tim mcgraw are chunky in '09!

mel c. looks mondo fab! good for her.

Thisisridiculous said...

Gawdamn Dolly Parton looks like a caricature of herself.

Reese animation doesn't have that HUGE chin of hers I guess they did her a favor.

Oh S.J.P. looks like she's being eaten alive by a ostrich and she's loving it!

nancer said...

what IS the deal with this rossum or possum person? all i ever see is her showing up and posing in clothes. anywhere there's a carpet and cameras, she's there. but what does she DO??

stiffkittens said...


Claudia's had more work done? Why?!

Marcia Cross would melt if she got too close to an oen flame.

Ferrell should permanently dress as Mugatu. It's the only time i've found him good looking (i'm not kidding). His weight loss does not look good - is he on the coke diet?

Jungle007 said...

Aww all this slack for Emmy Rossum... I've only seen her in Phantom of the Opera and The Day After Tomorrow, but I think she's gorgeous.

Dolly Parton, on the other hand, seems to have turned into some sort of hell demon. Yikes.

I dunno about the Fonda/Burnett thing, but i thought Jlo was Mandy Moore at first glance. (???)

Also i don't think Reese's boobs look big(ger) at all, but I didn't click on the link for a closer look. I think if we stared at anyone long enough we could make them fit lots of blinds. Sorry, but that one yesterday was totally not about Reese.

SJP wouldn't look quite as bad without that weird ostrich stole-thiny...

Will Ferrell looks fug!!! I'd rather se him a few pounds heavier than looking like he's just discovered the 3-day diet (a.k.a. crystal meth)

Linnea said...

sparky- i KNOW! When I saw Amy today, I thought to myself "didnt borat cheat on her? that sucks" and not until I read what you said did I realize that it was Amy, not Isla FIsher! Just like Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler are the same in my mind.

allthesun said...

When I saw SJP with her boa, I immediately thought of the Soup where they make fun of Whitney and LC when they look around whereverthehell they were in awe and talk about.... Feathers... feathers...

Sigh, I love Milla...

Nicholas Cage was so good in Leaving Las Vegas, how could he suck so bad now, and why wont he stop torturing us with his awful movies, it is so mean.

I love Pearl as the landlord skit on funnyordie, I have seen it umpteen times and I still laugh.

hotchacha said...

Nicolas Cage needs to pencil in some sideburns. That no sideburn look is creepy.

And Tom Hanks, that goes double for you!

mooshki said...

I've loved Amy Adams for forever. (Since her first role in Drop Dead Gorgeous. And then the genius Psycho Beach Party!) I haven't seen all her movies, but she's particularly brilliant in Junebug.

Jesse D said...

Ok random info here... Posh has said she has all of her clothing (yes, even going back to the original Spice Girls costumes), preserved in special closets for her future daughter. How funny would it be if she bred a total tomboy?


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