Monday, March 09, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Apparently today or sometime this week is the 50th anniversary of Barbie. All I know is that this Barbie in Sydney is made entirely of cake. You may all insert your inappropriate sexual comment at this point.
I believe this is a first time appearance in the photos for AJ Buckley.
Alice Cooper and his wife Sheryl.
I could have written a piece today about Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman breaking up again, but instead I am choosing to post a photo of the much more funny Adam Corolla.
The whitest teeth known to man award goes to Adam Gregory. The kid seriously needs to take up smoking or drinking coffee, because this is just blindingly white. You could see those things from space.
Ben Affleck actually with his kid. He looks pretty pleased about the whole thing too.
The one and only Bobcat Goldthwait.
Apparently Bridget Moynahan and Tom Brady have mended their fences, so now I really have no reason to keep posting her photo except that I like her.
Apparently Courtney Love has won some beauty contest that took place only in her mind.
Make it a futon and my basement and this is how I would like to see Charlize Theron.
The problem with posting photos of Courtney Thorne Smith is that I then have to go home at night and watch Summer School.
Eric Dane alone again on the red carpet.
Not alone is Eric McCormack who brought his wife Janet Holden.
Ed Westwick and his guest at a Knicks game.
I almost didn't even recognize Gina Gershon.
Gavin Rossdale is gellin'
Don't get excited about the game or anything Howard.
Heather Thomas looks pretty good for someone who had to work alongside Lee Majors.
Jesse McCartney and Keke Palmer.
Julia Roberts and the longest purse strap known to man.
John Varvatos and Ryan Eggold.
The swelling in Lisa Rinna's lips seems to have reduced.
The brothers Damon in a bike race in South Africa.
I can't keep track of her kids, but I'm pretty sure this is Melissa Joan Hart's youngest.
Speaking of youngest, it's another Richie. Sophia Richie to be exact.
Bryan Ferry's kid Otis is freakishly tall. Hopefully he can keep this girlfriend away from his dad.
I always love when a couple looks so happy together.
It has been a long time since I have seen Sadie Frost.
Southside Johnny - New York
Forget everyone else. I love the expression on Suri's face.
The random photo of the day goes to ZZ Top and Kyra Sedgewick.


blog hopper said...

Is the Eric Dane comment a hint about a blind?

lutefisk said...

I hope Ben isn't using his baby to pick up women in the park.

mooshki said...

I'd eat 'er.

Summer School is the bomb.

Enty, if you keep dropping hints about Eric Dane being single, poor guy is going to be mobbed with gals looking to step in!

OMG, that Ed Westwick pic is priceless.

Unknown said...

Enty... You've said you love Idina Menzel... this would've been a great random photo today!

ItsJustMe said...

As Michael K. says, Suri is OVER this fuckery!

califblondy said...

Bobcat? WTH? Would have never guessed him. Same with Heather Thomas. I always liked her, but she looks like a druggie in that pic.

What in the hell is with McSteamy's sweater? My Grandpa wouldn't wear that crap.

Katie looks like she's saying "Tom, stop showing your ass."

twunty mcslore said...

Sadie Frost looks like she is knocked up and that shiny fabric isn't helping.

Ice Angel said...

Aw...Jesse McCartney and Keke Palmer...are they dating??? They would make a cute couple, but isn't he a bit old for her? She is growing into a beautiful young lady. I think she is an absolute doll.

Ice Angel said...

Speaking of dolls...Suri is an absolute doll! Too bad her parents are from another planet.

Doesn't she know how to walk yet?

caralw said...

The guy with Ed Westwick... he looks like JD Fortune!

Anonymous said...

Is the Bryan/Otis Ferry comment a reveal? There was some blind a while ago about a father and son, dating the same woman, or something along those lines. At the time the common guess was Alan/Robin Thicke.

linoge1 said...

Is Westwick gay??

Emobacca said...

Howard looks good for his age but he needs to ditch whatever that thing is on his head

jax said...

Westwick- ohhh cat's outta the bag! or the closet.

Eric Dane- come here man and let me button you up.

what's with the scrawny braods in jeans? you like shit.

Tom....carrying a horse's ass instead of BEING one.

Sadie Frost hasn't seen a gym in awhile i see.

Bobcat!- thank god i though Bruce Vilanch (sp?) shaved his head.

Lolita Breckenridge said...

Is no one going to comment on Gavin Rossdale ability to hit his mark so well that he actually picks up the blue tape on his feet? And does he have a mullet? Can Englishmen have mullets?

Also, Tracy Jordan/Morgan is next to Ed's lover. How come no one is looking at Ed nuzzling his boyfriend???? Is it that open of a 'secret'?

A Pimp Named DaveR said...

I'd like to marzipan her fondant!!!!!

ablake said...

That's the rumor on the streets linoge1.
Gay or not, Chuck Bass is one of my few guilty pleasures :D

Aww, Suri is adorable.

Ms. said...

Enty, are you sure that's Bobcat? Doesn't look like him. Anyone here see Shakes The Clown
Very funny movie if you have a depraved sense of humour. Totally worth it for Florence Henderson's turn as a clown groupie.

I don't know why women think it's sexy to stick out their chest & stomach when posing. IMO it looks stupid. And if you bit of a gut like Sadie, for gawd's sake, stay away from shiny fabric. Her thrusting is insult to injury.

califblondy said...

I thought Bobcat was Joe Pesci.

Cindy said...

I swear Bobcat is turning into Joe Pesci!!

ms_wonderland said...

Otis Ferry is a total c***, and that's not a word I use. He's up for assault and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice aka trying to stop witnesses testifying against him. Looks like Daddy's money will save him. I'm never buying anything by Bryan Ferry again.

Pookie said...

that barbie cake is really cool-looking, someone send that into cake wrecks!

"Eric Dane alone again on the red carpet." enty, are you answering a BI here?

MY BEAUTIFUL SURI!!!!!!!!!!! bow before the queen.

Kara said...

Who is the couple that don't look thrilled to be with each other and why can't I tell who they are???? I'm so behind the times!

Ed Westwick could just be saying something to that guy and the camera got them at an awkward angle. I'm sure that's it. No way an actor could be gay.

MISCH said...






Bobbing For Baubles said...

Kara said Ed Westwick could just be saying something to that guy and the camera got them at an awkward angle. Uh huh. Here's more "awkward angles" LOL.

PS. I don't know who the couple is who isn't thrilled to be together either. Enty, you need to tell us or tag these people!

nancer said...

wait! there's something wrong with that picture of the crazy cruise family. tom's not touching katie!!!!

palealebrew10 said...

Charize Theron looks skinny. And what is the Eric Dane blind?? It's gotta be an answer to one of 'em..

I was reading that National Enquirer bit about Chris Klein being the real father of Suri last night. Yes it was that slow last night. Anyway, a few of the comments suggested she's Josh Hartnett's. Can anyone fill me in on that? Because looking at pictures, I find it believable.

Chrissy Buns said...

i stared and stared at that picture of Bobcat G., and i just can't even see a hint of his former self! wowsa!

Smart Girl said...

Barbie's birthday is the 9th March 1959, Just, you know for future reference, you never know when you might need to know that. before you start thinking I'm a Barbie girl.....Barbie and I share the same birthday just NOT the same year xx

Jungle007 said...

Barbie looks tasty. I never understod how you'd go about eating a cake like that. And don't tell me it's just for show, because that's ridiculous! It's CAKE for heaven's sakes!!!

The couple that aren't happy is shannen doherty and whoever her bf is... But really, just because they aren't smiling like buffoons and staring into each other's eyes doesn't mean they're unhappy right??
Come on Enty, if that's the only way to gauge a couple's happiness then by your standards my bf and I are miserable!! (which we definately aren't)

Unknown said...

God I would f Chuck Bass. These pics are way more incriminating.

mooshki said...

OMG, Baubles, those pics are hot! You go, Ed, blast that closet door right off!!!

Bobbing For Baubles said...

Mooshki, aren't they tho?! Holey crap!

PollyPureBred said...

I saw Shakes the Clown and loved it! Shakes' main friend was Adam Sandler - he just never took off his makeup. Not a big fan of Adam but he was good in this movie.
If you have NetFlix the movie is free on demand.

Jerry said...

Love for Southside Johnny? I'm amazed. SSJ and the Asbury Jukes have been my favorite band for 30+ years and even in my advancing decrepitude I'll still drive a few hundred miles to see them {like I did last month}. You guys have no idea what you're missing.

Tania said...

Nice to see AJ Buckley. Yay Ghostfacers! Now get Travis Wester and complete the set...

The Barbie cake is really good.

Satin? Oh Sadie, honey, no.

Ed may be or may not be, but I'd watch, anyway... ;-)

mooshki said...

Hell, Tania, who wants to watch, I want to jump right in! They might both be bi, right? A girl can dream... :)

littleoleme said...

"Heather Thomas looks pretty good"

Are you serious???!!! She looks like death! Get that girl either a ham sandwich or time in rehab. I can't believe anyone would think she looks good.

Unknown said...

Holy cow, Bryan Ferry's kid looks just like him, even dresses like him. Ok, it's not a shocker, it's

Unknown said...

Holy cow, Bryan Ferry's kid looks just like him, even dresses like him. Ok, it's not a shocker, it's

__-__=__ said...

I would like to be made of cake!

Oh, and no socks + black shoes = gay

Unknown said...

That's at least the second time Southside has been in the photos. Enty must be a fan. I've seen Southside in concert so many times I lost count ages ago. At least 75 times. JUKES!!!!!!!!!!!

bionic bunny! said...

"shakes" was quite a while ago. i love bobcat (weird, huh?) and he's been looking bad for a long time, lost his hair quite a few years back, his weight goes up and down, i think it's just that we don't see him out and about very often.
still funny as hell, though!

so... is the way tommy's holding the donkey a code, like bathroom foot tapping? jax already took the jackass comment right out of my mouth, guess great minds think alike!

slappywhyte said...

i would enjoy seeing you post every howard & or beth o pic that you have access to

obviously a big fan and a bit obsessed

Jerry said...

i would enjoy seeing you post every howard & or beth o pic that you have access to

obviously a big fan and a bit obsessed

In the words of Shelley Dubinsky...ewwww

Unknown said...

A Southside pict!?! Color me impressed Enty.


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