Monday, April 06, 2009

7 Minutes Of The ACM Awards - Carrie Underwood Does A Pull Away To Kenny Chesney

So, last night I had run out of booze and so decided to raid the parent's liquor cabinet. I know it is very high school of me, and yes, they really do have a liquor cabinet. With a key. Anyway, as I was helping myself to their higher quality of booze I noticed that my beloved parents were watching the ACM Awards. I should say that my dad was dozing and my mom kept muttering, "I love tight jeans" repeatedly. Whatever. I happened to arrive in front of the program immediately preceding the last award presented.

Matthew McConaughey was the presenter, and instead of reading some boring lines off a teleprompter he actually told a decent story about he and his brother, a Dwight Yoakum concert, dropping George Strait's name and then getting lucky. It occurred to me that although the story wasn't the greatest ever told, it wouldn't be a bad idea to have presenters who can actually do more than squint at a teleprompter before heading off with their goodie bag.

The award for Entertainer of The Year went to Carrie Underwood. I included a video below which you will absolutely love which shows Kenny Chesney going in for a kiss to Carrie who was sitting behind him and getting blown off. She did a pull away. Not the first kiss, but on his second attempt she left him in mid air and in mid pucker. Priceless.

As for Carrie's speech. Typical, I am so overwhelmed nonsense, but then she showed that she is actually quite good at coming up with some stuff on the spot. She referenced Matthew's ad lib story in her acceptance speech which, if you believe her incredulity at winning is quick thinking on her part. Plus it was funny.

All in all, not a bad 7 minutes of television. Plus Reba, what little she is on the screen just exudes class. I love her. The first video is the entire award from Matthew's arrival to the end of Carrie's speech.

The second video is Carrie hearing her name being announced and the pull away from Kenny Chesney. Notice how at the end of Carrie's speech he sucks up to Carrie's mom.


Taylor said...

I wonder if it's a coincidence that his girlfriend looks a lot like Carrie?

Little Baby Jade said...

I'd kiss Kenny

Maja With a J said...

Hahaha! "I found mah shirt!"

I like watching the country music award shows because they are so over the top. I could probably never watch the whole thing but I'll stick around for a few awards.

kimmypie1 said...

Gawwwd, even Matthew's voice is sexy. I just love listening to him talk.

"party at the moontower".

I am confused, what was Reba's role? to just stand to the side?

Anonymous said...

George Strait looked pissed.

Wonder what Carrie told Kenny when she was backing away lol.

Matthew does have a sexy voice.

CDAN Mod said...

yes, strait did look pissed.

figgy said...

Why is enty dissing Kenny? Doesn't he like him? And, is it true that Kenny Chesny is gay?

Not that I know anything about country music, just wondering.

IndigoBlue said...

I don't really listen to country music, so I don't spend too much time watching the videos. I have never seen that video of Keith Urban before...does he always look like he's convulsing when he is performing?

captivagrl said...

don't care for her, never did.

Anonymous said...


Marcy said...

I adore Carrie. Kenny's interactions with Carrie all night were quite awkward. I'm sure Carrie was caught up in the moment and didn't even realize what was going on when she blew past him. I'd have stopped! - and maybe gone to see his boots in the trunk of his car. ;-) Matthew's, too.

Marcy said...

And PS, wasn't Taylor Swift's reaction to Album of the Year adorable? I thought Miranda Lambert was going to kick her ass.

Maja With a J said...

figgy, many people think Kenny Chesney is a closeted homosexual. There has been no real proof of it, just millions of gaydars pinging in the night.

jax said...

mine included.

WorstCaseOntario said...

It kinda just looked like he leaned in to say something in her ear...i don't think he was trying to kiss her again.

nunaurbiz said...

The ACMs are and always have been a joke. Hence, CU getting Entertainer of the Year. The funniest thing about it is how long it took Reba to get that award and of course, singing "I Told You So" in an outrageous dress, the kind of which Reba is famous for.

Inside tidbit: Reba McEntire clawed her way to the top and then after she reached the glass ceiling, did EVERYTHING in her power not to let any other woman come close to her for as long as she could. The only person she opened the glass door for (just a teeny bit) was Linda Davis and that was because Linda sounds just like her.

FYI, from CMT:
What did Kenny Chesney say on your way to the stage when he gave you a hug?

He told me he was proud of me.


nunaurbiz said...

P.S. Gay or not, Kinny Chisnee is a TWERP of the highest caliber. The only person he really loves is himself.

And, no, I wasn't spurned by him. I wouldn't touch him with a 10-foot-pole! I've just met him is all and know people who know him.

(Personally I think she looks like he has bad breath hahahaha)


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