Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Would you let this man
drive a race car? Now, granted this photo was taken during the day, while the one above was taken later that evening. I'm just saying I would be careful if I owned that car he is going to drive. Yes, that's Adrien Brody in the background.
Dustin Hoffman and Ryan Gosling together would normally have made the top of the photos, but the Keanu Reeves mugshot photo was too good to pass up.
Which leaves Rashida Jones in 3rd. I will need to make it up to her next time.
Billy Bragg - London
The latest photo of Ashlee Simpson and her son Brooklyn Junglebook who apparently never goes outside. He's like the bubble boy.
Speaking of bubble boys, at what age is it mandatory to not wear your baseball cap sideways? And, does Benji Madden have a Paris Hilton tattoo, and if so, is it permanently infected?
I'm going to give Russell Simmons the benefit of the doubt here and assume his head is too small for the cap so the cap moved slightly.
Then they went and egged Jennifer Aniston's house.
Duff McKagen needs to eat some food. Damn he is skinny.
Yes, that is Hugh Jackman on the helicopter.
And on a zip line
And taking photos with fans. And this concludes our program, a day with Hugh Jackman.
Henry Rollins always looks like he is ready for a fight. Look at that fist clench.
The lovely Illeana Douglas.
And the not so lovely Jamie Kennedy and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Even when Jamie poses for photos he looks like he whines.
Blast from the past rocker #1 is Kevin Cronin from REO Speedwagon.
And #2 is Tommy Shaw from Styx.
I doubt Jonathan Rhys Myers is listening to either band while playing basketball. Although after the game everyone did get together and sing Mr. Roboto.
I don't know if I have ever seen Diddy's ex, Kim Porter at an event alone.
Kelly Rutherford must be getting close to delivery right?
Lenny Kravitz in Paris.
While his daughter Zoe was in New York.
It has been a long time since I had Lake Bell in the photos.
Lionel Richie - Liverpool
Leelee Sobieski and her mother who looks just as good as her daughter.
Paul Rudd in London.
Also there was Jason Segel who seems to be turning into a bigger mess as this press tour continues.
Rihanna's travel schedule - April 1- Hawaii. April 2 - New York - April 3- Barbados - April 8 - Los Angeles.
In the I used to be a host on MTV category, here is Riki Rachtman
Snoop Dogg - Los Angeles
Don't worry Sienna Miller wouldn't be interested in Peter Sarsgaard. He's not married to Maggie Gyllenhaal. He has a child though. So if he ever gets married she might want him, but for now he is safe. Plus, Maggie was there and I'm pretty sure she could kick Sienna's ass.
Victoria Beckham bringing back the 80's all by herself and all in one outfit.


lmnop123 said...

Please tell me Russell Simmons is not holding three bags of popcorn.

Hate Sienna Miller.

Hate Victoria Beckham.

Linnea said...

what was that comment about segal??? Have you heard anything about the tour? I think thats a great pic of him...

also, when was the last time we saw cox/aniston? Did something happen there?

Kathy K said...

LeeLee looks just like Helen Hunt in that photo.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Enty, re: the skewed baseball cap.
I would also apply it to the backwards baseball cap.

To me it looks like silly little boys trying to be rebellious by donning it in an "unconventional" way.

Nothing about baseball is unconventional.

And Russell. Grow up. You're at an event. Leave the cap at home.

clatie said...

Courtney, back away from the restylane.  I repeat, 

mooshki said...

You could make it up to Rashida by plugging her show. Aw heck, I'll do it for ya.


I'm sure many, many readers would like the "day with Hugh Jackman" to go on much, much longer...

Go Fug Yourself pointed out that you can clearly see the outline of Jamie Kennedy's wallet through his jeans. And in their pic, you can clearly see the outline of something else, too. Puke!

Is Lake Bell applying for a job as a mannequin in that store? Weird pose.

Snoop: "Impressed by my FFF, ladies? Wanna see the real thing?"

Sporky said...

I would never have known that was Kevin Cronin. Tommy Shaw has aged pretty well, though. Domo harigato Mr. Roboto! (oh God now that song's gonna be in my head all damn day)....

I'm sorry but Victoria Beckham dresses like a damn fool just about every day. I don't understand why everyone calls her a fashion "icon". Every time I see her picture and what she's wearing I think, "Maybe it's her own little joke only she's in on."

I <3 Henry Rollins. I met him once at a Mexican restaurant here in L.A. and he was just as I imagined - angry but funny.

Sporky said...

P.S. Mooshki I am one of those who would love a never-ending day with Hugh. I wouldn't care if we were flirting or painting each other's nails.

Unknown said...

How I love Henry Rollins. I even named my son after him.

Every time a see a shooting star, I wish Rollins will sign up for Dancing With the Stars.

Cheryl said...

Does anyone mind if I tag along on Hugh Jackman Day? I'll bring cookies and lemonade.

I'm beginning to think that Mrs. Beckham dresses this way for the publicity and to guarantee that her picture gets taken.

CDAN Mod said...

I LOVE YOU ENTY. YOU FATSO!! keanu is tops. take that you daniel craig worshipers!

now you know that i would let keanu drive a race car. and guess what? i would ride shotgun with no helmet. ;)

fun, fun, fun...

Anonymous said...

You guys can have Hugh Jackman day, as long as I get Hugh Jackman Night.

Paul Rudd has such an awkward smile.

Leelee's mom looks like Jennifer Coolidge.

Lake Bell in the running to take over for Katie Holmes? That's the only other person I've seen do that pose.

I don't know who Duff McKagen is, but he looks like a giraffe.

CDAN Mod said...

dn, you may get your wish. hugh is one of the 'kids'. his wife is bearding. i read somewhere that he likes his men 'manly' though.

Ms Cool said...

Have your Keanu any day. I'll take Hugh Jackman during the day and Daniel Craig at night.

So is Jason Segel the answer to a recent blind item which I can't recall at the moment?

Leah said...

I love Dustin Hoffman!

You'll have to make it up to Rashida by throwing in a picture of her every day next week! (please?)

Benji Madden seems to be fading away. He looks like a bobble head.

Paul Rudd looks like an eight year old at school picture day.

Jason Segal looks a right mess. I was watching season one of How I Met Your Mother last night- Huge difference. He needs to clean up.

If Sienna Miller is no harm to the Gyllenhaal/Sarsgaard family then why are they holding hands?
She's not falling down, and doesn't look too drunk to stand. I don't hold the hands of my male friends, my friends spouses or acquaintances...
Smells Fishy.

MnGddess said...

Lordy, Hugh Jackman does nothing bt get hotter every freakin' day.

califblondy said...

I get Hugh on the zip line! Woohoo. said...

Duff McKagan looks so damn strange. Is it the camera angle?

FrenchGirl said...

is Hugh Jackman promoting anything?

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

I just wanted to say that Ileana Douglas is wearing a fucking amazing shirt. LOVE it.

Also: yaaaay for Riki Rachtman! Headbanger's Ball! Yessssss!

nunaurbiz said...

OK my friends don't always understand my tastes but I think Jason Segal is HOT!! And I like the scruffy look.

I hope he's not the answer to a BI!!!! :-(

And I still think he's hot after seeing him in his bday suit *blush* (on screen, of course!!!! LOL)

ardleighstreet said...

Wow! I'd like to spend the day with Hugh Jackman. Any day he'd like to name. Poor guy lost his hat though.I'll go find it if I can return it in person. ; )

bionic bunny! said...

i've always thought leelee looked like a young helen hunt, quite a strong resemblence.

ernestine, i was going to give props on the tee shirt, too!

mooshki said...

Pomme, he's promoting "Wolverine." Although apparently half the country has already watched it online. :) I don't get that - why the hell would you want to watch a movie like that with half the special effects missing? I guess it's just people wanting to be "first."

mooshki said...

Jason Segel was a popular guess for this blind. (#2)

mooshki said...

(And I still love him to death, even if he is the answer.)

Anonymous said...

Jason Segel is probably staying in London to film Gulliver's Travels. He's playing one of those Lilliputians, which would explain the longish hair. I think he looks okay, not coked out or anything. Oh, and he's supposedly Ted Casablanca's Blind Item called Porta Potbelly (from July). Actor who does coke and indiscriminately takes girls home.

Robin the Mad Photographer said...

Billy Bragg AND Adrien Brody AND Henry Rollins? Oh, Enty...what have I done to deserve such riches? ;-) Seriously, I've met Rollins (cool guy, very funny, actually stuck the carnation I brought behind his ear like Carmen Miranda, but this was 1985), and Billy is really and truly one of my all-time favorite people on the planet--he's a lovely human being and a total mensch, and if they ever get the bugs worked out of human cloning, he really needs to be at the top of their list. :-)

SnowCherries said...

For a non-snarky moment - "Brooklyn Junglebook" is actually a super cute baby. Which is actually pretty nice coming from someone who is very crabby that her fiance is taking up the DVR watching American Idol and making her wait until 10 to watch Lost...

shakey said...

Is that Ashlee Simpson in that Huggies commercial?!? Ugh. "No more bubbuw fuw u." Makes me want to poke knives in my ear drums.

I second the thanking of the baseball hat comment. My husband does that. I think he does it now just to drive me INSANE. It works.

What's that Cox/Arquette photo about? Where's their daughter?

Duff indeed looks like a giraffe. Looks like his neck has been stretched in photoshop and his head superimposed on that body. I never really cared for Tommy Shaw. Dennis DeYoung is a better singer.

What's with all the paparazzi in the store?

Sienna is making a fist - I think she is laying claim to poor Peter.

Wow. Posh's collar bone sure does stick out.

brunetteblue-eyegirl said...

What is up with jamie kennedy's hands?!?!?! They're huge and monstrous!!They look almost as scary as michael jacksons! Wtf!

lmnop123 said...

I've always thought that Leelee looked like a younger version of Helen Hunt.

Linnea said...

nunaurbitz - you are SO not alone! I am totally with you. I think he looks great in the pic.

shakey said...

I thought about something else re Posh just before I fell asleep (how sad is that): She looks half-pterodactyl/half-human.

B626 said...

LoveHewitt & Kennedy must really have a thing for eachother cuz they CAN'T be together for good PR.

mooshki said...

B626, he worships her, and she loves being worshiped. Works out perfectly for both of them, lol. When she dumps him, it's going to be a mess.

Anonymous said...

LMAO I have admired Keanu for years but recently he has been looking a fine mess! Somebody buy him a shaver!


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