Tuesday, April 07, 2009

What Do You Think?

So, Madonna is back in London. This is about the child she wants to adopt, so for now Madonna is out of the post. Bye Madonna, don't let the door hit you on the way out. OK, so Mercy James who, as I have said before has a great name for a singer or a song is back in the orphanage. Well yesterday, dad turned up and said he didn't know his daughter was alive until he saw all the news about her. He just assumed she had died with her mother. See, the dad ran away when he got Mercy's mom pregnant. He did hear later that she died a week after giving birth. He didn't bother checking to see if his daughter was alive or not.

Now, he says that he wants to take care of Mercy and that if he had known she was alive that of course he would have taken care of her. Meanwhile, Mercy's family have all agreed to Madonna adopting Mercy. Yes, even the grandmother. I'm guessing Madonna slipped them as much money as was necessary and so now they all want the adoption to go through. So, that leaves dear old dad facing the wrath of the rest of the family because they want to get paid. I'm assuming they only get paid if the adoption is approved.

I'm wondering if the dad really cares about Mercy or if he wants to be like David Banda's dad and get a nice monthly stipend from Madonna for basically handing over his kid. Should the dad be given his daughter? Do we believe him? How greedy is the family that they just want money and are willing to give up Mercy for money?


captivagrl said...

first a paternity test.

Jungle007 said...



Goodgrief said...

Pretty sure he doesn't want Mercy. He wants his share of the Madonna money. Madonna will get Mercy after all the necessary people have been paid off.

Taylor said...

Just give her the damn baby, because obviously this is the only child in the world that needs adopting.

Ms Cool said...

The family just proves that Mercy will be better off being adopted by a family that wants her.

selenakyle said...

Riiiigggghhhhhtttt. Blecch.

And the father (excuse me--sperm injector--which is all he was) probably thought having sexual relations with the mother would rid himself of AIDS, too.

Poor sweet little girl.

Asshole dickwad father.

Bet he'd have taken notice of the child if she'd been born a male.

Meanwhile in today's news it was reported that wives cannot say no to sex in marriage under Afghan law.

Brilliant modern-day societies that women must suffer through all over the world these days. Just fucking wonderful.

Carrie L. said...

All of the parties involved make me sick. I hope for Mercy's sake that she can somehow be adopted by a more normal individual/couple who will love her, take care of her and give her a good life. I don't think the family or Madonna deserve her, though Madonna will likely get her way in the end because money can get you pretty much anything.

whole lotto luv said...

It's all money for everyone involved except the little girl. I wish some deserving parents would get Mercy as their daughter, but that's not gonna happen. Just turn her over to Madonna's people already.

sonicmonkey1984 said...

Malawi is a very traditional society, where dating is only allowed in groups. Mercy's mother getting pregnant was like an unwed mother in NOrth America in the 1940's. The young man ran away because he faced the wrath of the mother's family and a scandal in his own community. So yes, I do believe he did not know about his daughter.

Mercy was placed in an orphanage to ensure she would survive childhood illnesses. This is common in single parent families in Malawi. The children return to their families when they start primary school.

I doubt the Grandmother was bought off by Madonna. She is 70 years old, so the likelihood she will survive to Mercy's adulthood is remote.

I think Madonna has the best of intentions, but she flaunted the law. Nobody should be above the law.

Hercules said...

Child trafficking. Call it what it is.

Anonymous said...

LOL@Asshole dickwad father

The only reason the suppose father suddenly appeared is because he saw a sign. $$$$ signs I mean.

lutefisk said...

maybe Madonna can adopt the both of them.

Dead Angel said...

The family isn't giving her up, Mercy has been in the orphanage for years, almost all of her life, the family, large as it is don't want her but they are poor people who are willing to make money on a kid they don't love or care about. It's a poor country, devastated by AIDS - Mercy has no chance of an educatio, decent medical care or anything else. It's a simple financial transaction between impoverished people who don't love the child but can make a buck on her. That's it. The supposed father is just another roach with his hand out. If you notice he says he will take care of her, not that she will come live with his family. He, if he is the father doesn't want her either. This is so sad and I am truly disheartened that anyone is upset by Madonna wanting to give an older child, who isn't wanted a new life. What the hell is wrong with that?

Poor Kate said...

I feel badly for this little girl--and all of the children who are in need of adoption. There are so many things wrong with this whole thing: Madonna needs to stop shopping at The Baby Store, for one thing. I'm sure she just cannot believe someone said 'NO' to her. All the money that changed hands with David (and probably will eventually with Mercy) is shameful. God forbid any of these celebrities adopt an American child in need...and there are PLENTY. This does indeed smack of child trafficking.

Unknown said...

If you could compare Mercy in 5 years from (1) living in the orphanage and (2) living with Madonna, which outcome would be to Mercy's advantage? What would her life be like in 5 years in either situation?

Mercy got caught in the middle of a political drama and she's being held up as the example against "child trafficking."

nancer said...

let's see.....stay in malawi where she has family, no matter how shitty? or go to live with madonna and raised by nannies and paraded around the paps in madonna's arms?

see, that's just a lousy choice.

i guess if octomom can have her kids, daddy can have mercy.

Vanessa said...

I've been saying this from the beginning.....the baby is better off with Madonna....and it is retarded for people to think that the Mercy's family actually care about the baby.

It's all about the money.

Honestly, if Madonna hadn't shown up...would the father popped up to claim that he wants to be "part" of the child's life.

Would the uncle or grandmother taken her out of the orphanage which she was placed in since birth.

Madonna isn't taking this child away from her family ....she has no family ( no one is there to care for her).

Baby is better off in New York with Madonna where she would get the best education, top health, surrounded by loving siblings, and a mother who would do everything to provide for her.

People say...don't take a child from its relatives.

Well every orphan and foster child have relatives....it is just that they don't have known strong enough, responsible enough to stand up and offer care.

The gov't is parasites.
The family is just sad and pathetic.

Brenda22 said...

I think people are so caught up with how unjust it is that they can't get the same treatment as Madonna because they don't have the money and fame, that they have forgotten what is important...the child. If you have money, or fame then you can pretty much get anything you want and don't have to play by the same rules as everyone else. It's just a fact of life (just ask OJ and Phil Spector). Madonna is actually using her money and fame for good and people are bitching that it's "child trafficing"...get over it...the family obviously doesn't care enough and even if they did, they wouldn't have the funds to take care of this beautiful little girl. Madonna has done a good job with her other kids, why not let her give this child a better life.

J said...

Madonna, Jesus, Lourdes and Mercy =

Im so over this situation

Fabulous! said...

on one hand, i applaud these 'celeb-utards' for bringing adoption to light. on the other hand, i want to smack them for being so stuck up that they can't adopt a child in their home country.

the way i see it is this, these babies in that country- they're just as deserving of a home as any other child in any other country. but since their country or their "parents" can't decide whether they want the child, the money, etc. let's move on to another country that does their paperwork BEFORE putting a kid up for grabs. like say, america? there's so many beautiful children everywhere, yeah even HERE. want to be a hero? try giving one of them a home. you'll get attention for being a baby-saver and get some press time and i'm sure there'll be a little less paperwork and hoops-of-fire to jump through.

sorry, these stories just tick me off.

Judi said...

Ever really tried to adopt from the a home country - in this case, from the US foster care system? Look into it; try it. There are 119,000 children whose parental rights have been terminated and are available for adoption. The rosters of foreign adoption are filled with families who failed in their attempt to adopt the child(ren) they were fostering. Nothing wrong with the families; they were denied because the laws state that it's best for a child to remain with parents - no matter what those parents have done. The judicial system doesn't put the welfare of the children first; the parents' rights come first. Compared to the total number of families who want to adopt from the foster system, very few ever actually succeed.
As far as private adoption goes, the preferred adoptive family are a couple in their 30s, with zero children, the best education, high-paying jobs, a big house and $$. And a bio mom will have 20 dossiers in front of her from these exact types of families to choose from.
No one 'saves a child.' It's simply another way to create or add to a family. That Mercy's in an orphanage has nothing to do with whether or not her family want her; they can't afford to raise her.
Why the assumption that Madonna will pay any family? She has already invested $ through her charity.

Unknown said...

How's the father expected to care for a child he didn't know about?

From the article, her uncle said: "He wasn't there when his girlfriend was pregnant; he didn't even attend her funeral when she died eight days after giving birth to Mercy. We don't think he even knew she had a baby."

Of course, a lot of people are willing to make sacrifices for their children -- even if it means having them raised elsewhere. But the kid would obviously have a much better chance at a happy life with a nice middle-class couple in Minnesota than with Madonna, who seems like an egomaniacal lunatic. Look at the track record of children who grow up with megastar parents -- not good...

brendalove@gmail.com said...

Why not adopt a REAL orphan...one without any parents or family?

Pookie said...

we can't be so quick to judge the dad. i'm guessing there's more to this story. and if he turns out to be david banda-like, what of it? it'll help all the surrounding family members, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

MnGddess said...

There are so many children in he US that need adopting - why is it the "cool" thing to go and adopt someone from another country? An I think her "adoptions" are nothing more than child trafficking - she's paying off a family for their children. Madonna's pathetic. Hopefully everything will turn out fine for little Mercy.

Charlie said...

I agree with Hercules and DivaJulia. This situation reeks of payoffs and children are one thing that should never be bought or sold, regardless of whether the family is willing to hand a child over to the highest bidder, or whether that highest bidder has good intentions. Imagine the possibilities of people cranking out utterly unwanted children if they know that they'd be able to sell it as they would a used car. It's disgusting. If Malawi opts to reform its adoption regulations then so be it but in this situation, if Madonna truly wanted to adopt this particular child, and the child's family was all for it, then she needs to do what you or I would have to do in the same situation, which is to meet their residence requirement. End of story.

Judi said...

Malawi has a very small IA program but rules have to be followed. This is my beef with this situation.
MnGoddess, read my post above. No matter where a child is born, they deserve a family. At least we in the US have a foster care program. Kids here also have the same civil rights and opportunities as everyone else, and don't grow up stigmatized and alienated.
If Mercy's dad relinquishes his parental rights, then she IS an orphan. Having extended family does not change this. It's up to the Malawian govt to take care of their people so that they can keep their children at home. That is the ideal.
There's nothing "cool" about adoption. Someone is open to it or not. Again, it's not trafficking.

ChasingHeaven said...

"He didn't bother checking to see if his daughter was alive or not."

I think you answered your own question.

It's all about $$$$

Miss X said...

To me it seems clear: this kid will have a better life with Madonna. If she stays in Malawi, isn't she more likely to die young and/or live a miserable existence? I don't think money = happinness but if this little girl is living in an orphanage then it makes the most sense to let Madonna adopt her.

ms snarky said...

the baby should be able to go to Madonna. Poor Mercy's going to have to be a vegan, but for goodness sake, let the child have a future. Think what she can do for Malawi (or as Howard Stern calls it, Malousi)in the future when she's grown. She and David can do a lot of good with Madonna's money. let the poor chosen child go.


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