Thursday, April 09, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Christian Louboutin and David Lynch put together an exhibit called Fetish. How can you not put that on top?
There were so few photos today that I ended up having to put up this photo of Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen. Yeah, it might not be the greatest, but it is better than the Sam Ronson Benji Madden photo I almost posted. I just couldn't see Benji in another sideways baseball cap, slouching, and pretending to be tough.
Yeah, yeah, it's Ashlee Simpson. Oh, I just realized she had a song entitled that. Anyway, the reason I posted the photo is the yellow. Yes, it is a person and it is Ashlee's assistant. Explain to me again why Ashlee needs an assistant. Is she that busy? I'm glad she is doing her part for the economy, but she has an assistant here and someone is home with Brooklyn Junglebook so she presumably has a nanny also. Does it just make her feel really important to have an assistant?
Are those pooka shells around Brad's neck? Maybe his kids made him a necklace of fruit loops.
This is Dara Torres. She has won 12 Olympic medals in swimming. At the 2008 Olympics she won 3 silver medals at the age of 41. She has competed in five Olympic games. She was at a book signing yesterday in Ridgewood, New Jersey.
Also in Ridgewood yesterday was Kathy Ireland signing her latest book.
Apparently being a former super model and SI cover girl gets you the mayor of the city, police, and fire fighters and a key to the city. Kathy has yet to compete in an Olympic Games, but she did star in Loaded Weapon. I think it sucks that the city ignored Dara and that the mayor decided he just wanted to get his chance to meet Kathy because he probably fantasized about her when she guested on Charles In Charge.
Jeff Beck - Philadelphia
Josh Duhamel is not a bad looking guy. Tell me again why he is married to Fergie.
Kim Kardashian thinks she would be perfect for a role in Twilight or as a Bond girl. Umm, she couldn't even give off a decent performance in porn so I don't know why she thinks mainstream acting will be easier. That is Brittny Gastineau sitting next to her.
Molly Shannon surfing in Hawaii.
The baby has escaped from the iPhone.
Nicole Richie doesn't even look pregnant.
When you can see that many bones on a chest, you are way too skinny. Can you imagine seeing it up close and in person. It has to be awful.


the.princess.leia said...

You should have posted the Pete Wentz party pics below Ashlee's pic.

nancer said...

well, there are the bones in tori's chest and then you can see the top of one of her silicone balloons.
the good thing is i didn't even look at her face---which is cadaverous, by the way.

mooshki said...

Thanks for Dara Torres! Michael Phelps is just a freak of nature. She's a real inspiration.

Forget the porn, Kim K. couldn't even remember her lines for a 10-second Soup appearance!

"The baby has escaped from the iPhone."

LMAO!!! Damn, that kid already weighs half as much as Nicole does! Both Nicoles need to eat a frickin' cheeseburger.

Christ, what is this, the Anorexia Edition? Eat something, you crazy bitches!

the.princess.leia said...

Also, Christian & David=fabulous!

Simon, please trim the gruff.

Brad kinda looks okay here. I can't see his undereyes, so I can't really tell but he doesn't look as tired as normal.

Dara looks good, but the shorter hair from her book cover looks better.

Josh looks Joshalicious.

WTF is Kim at? A basketball game? Why? Is she trolling for a new boyfriend or trying to teach Brittny how to snag a guy?

Molly Shannon looks good.

So does Kidman, but I think it's because I can't see her forehead. Sunday Rose is adorable.

GAIN SOME WEIGHT, NR! You're supposed to be pregnant!

GAIN SOME WEIGHT, TS! Just because!

Goodgrief said...

Josh looks pretty darn good

Tori looks worse everytime I see her. She is wasting away to bones and silicone.

Pookie said...

wow, dara torres! amazing.

eek molly shannon & tori. they're both so manly.

awww...sunday lily (or whatever flower) is a cutie! not as cute as Queen Suri, but cute nonetheless.

Ayesha said...

Oh my god, Tori's chest is frightening. In what universe is that considered attractive?

Is that really Sunday Roast? Really? Why do I get the feeling it's a stunt double baby? I think Nic is scared the Scientos are going to kidnap the real one.

And speaking of stupid names, I heard a couple eye-rollers in Central Park today. Wanna hear 'em? Petal. Sterling. Gibney. I SWEAR I'M NOT MAKING THESE UP.

mooshki said...

Narcissists shouldn't be allowed to breed.

Unknown said...

Love Josh. Still see him as Danny.

Yeah when you can see the ribcage it's pretty bad.

Jeff Beck looks happy. Damn, those arms!

Mystery solved. This is how Ashlee gets roles and records. It sure isn't from good acting or singing.

Why does Molly Shannon look like Tom Hanks?! But hey, she's having fun, that's what counts.

ureallyannoyme said...

I'm not a shoe whore but god those Christian Louboutin shoes are fierce. Love them!

I've never thought Brad carried the yupster look very well. It feels like an affect on him.

At least Tori doesn't wear matching outfits with her daughter. I'd bet Candy did that though.

Merlin D. Bear said...

I have it from first hand authority that getting up close and personal with Tori Spelling results in bruises, because silicone doesn't give.
This came from a friend who was a featured extra in "Trick".

Poor Kate said...

I'm pretty sure Brad is wearing one of those candy "Smartee" necklaces. Shiloh probably forced him to sport it for her.

I'm also pretty sure Tori spends more money on coke than on baby clothes. Jesus.

I thought Molly was a slimmed-down Bono, but realized that would never happen.

Dara is amazing. Gorgeous. Inspirational.

Oh yeah. I LOATHE those two assholes, Alex and Simon. I can SEE my skin crawling.

Sarah said...

Just an FYI, "pooka" shells are actually spelled "puka" shells. A fun Hawaii fact for you!

Unknown said...

HELP! Why is Josh Duhamel with Fergie? Someone's got sum 'splainin to do. Is it only because guys(or ex-guys) supposedly know how to do you-know-what better on other guys?

nancer said...

i'm still laughing at alex and simon from 'real housewives of NYC.'

her dress looks like she wadded it up and sat on it. and simon's little bangs remind me of jim carrey's in 'dumb and dumber.'

IndigoBlue said...

Why is Josh giving off a little David Cook vibe in the face? Never made that connection before, but it's the first thing that came to mind when I saw this picture. Either way....yum!

califblondy said...

Josh will always be Danny AND Leo for me.

Tori's crooked fake boob made me laugh.

ardleighstreet said...

I saw Brad's necklace and thought Candy necklace. Hey it's wearable, recycles as food.

Jeff Beck looks good -- the man sure can play that Axe around his neck.

Dara Torres is awe inspiring.

"baby escaped from iPhone" Enty you rock. Lol.

Tori looks cadaver like and waxy faced? Is she caving in like Michael Jackson? YUCK!!

bionic bunny! said...

yes, a "pooka" is a six foot tall rabbit named "harvey".
funny how i know these things.

mooshki says the crazy bitches can eat something. thank you, moosh, i believe i will!

mooshki said...

LOL, Bunny

califblondy said...

Nicole ALWAYS looks so uncomfortable holding a baby. She was the same way with the the first two. She's not a natural mama. Sunday looks like Keith.

Wonder why Simon isn't holding up Alex's dress to show off her thong undies? Isn't his hairstyle just the cutest?

selenakyle said...

Gross! Gyahhh. How much coke would taht take, continual and back-to-back?

Let's see...probably a gram a day for about two, maybe three months? Four?

In the last month alone her skeletality has increased quite a bit.

F*cking b*tches and their damn bones showing.

Cute baby, tho. Looks just like her Dad!

selenakyle said...

AHaHaHaaaaaa, Ayesha!

Too funny.

MnGddess said...

Oh for Pete's sake - stop picking on Fergie. Her and Josh have been together for a loong time, so they must be doing something right.

Dara Torres is my hero. She lost that gold medal by 1/100th of a second. Very exciting race.

Ad I think Kim and Brittany are really gorgeous. Sorry....

mooshki said...

I thought they were gorgeous too until I heard them talk.

mooshki said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
i am a princess, yes i am said...

i don't know how much coke has to do with tori's weight loss, prolly a fair amount but like selenakyle said, it takes a little bit of time. I believe its attributed to Adderall. rapid weight loss = adderall use. i did it myself (when i was put on it for adhd treatment) cause it just doesn't make you eat for like 2 or 3 days.
just my 2cents


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