Monday, April 06, 2009

Heidi Montag Eats More Than Me

When you read the headline you were probably telling yourself that for it to be true I must have gone on a diet. I can assure you that there is no diet in my present or future. As long as I don't actually go over 399 pounds I am happy. I eat a lot of food. Often.

Apparently though, if you believe Heidi Montag's Twitter she eats even more food than me. I haven't really paid attention to Heidi's Twitter because I really try and avoid her or anything to do with her as much as possible. Over the weekend though, FW made me look at Heidi's Twitters because, they are some of the funniest lies ever to grace a Twitter account. Lets take a look shall we?

i ate 2 large pizzas im in a food coma.. time for cookies and cream

The above was posted about 10am Sunday morning. So, yes, I can eat two large pizzas, and if the ice cream was good enough I could probably shovel some of that down after. However, there are not many people who could, and Heidi Montag is definitely not one of them. But wait, it gets better.

in n out is the best

Now, while it pains me to agree with Heidi, she is correct about In N Out being the best. What kills me about this post though is she posted it 3 hours after she allegedly ate 2 pizzas and ice cream. Even I would be hard pressed to go eat In N Out three hours after such a huge meal. I guess she would like us to believe she is pregnant or bulimic, but there is no way she ate all of this in a 3 hour span. I would though love to see her try.

All of her posts are incredibly ridiculous and utterly full of crap, but, at least they give you a laugh.


Dead Angel said...

I don't doubt she eats that at all, I also doubts if she keeps it down either.

She's got that bulimic thing about her going on.

Goodgrief said...

I was really hoping these 2 twats had finally fallen off the face of the earth. Guess not!!

captivagrl said...

Her tweets are Religulous(never thought I'd be stealing from Bill Maher)
Food, Jesus, Promotions, Advertising, Food, Praying to God, Self- Promoting, etc.
She thinks we're dumber than she is(NOT POSSIBLE).

figgy said...

I wish everyone would stop covering them so that they'd just go away. Go away to embrace their inevitable destinies as Realtors (R).

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Seriously, ENT, ban these two famewhores from the site. You're giving them exactly what they want by posting about them. No publicity = they vanish.

mooshki said...

Forget that useless bat, are you getting FW smoochies again?! I want all the dirty details!!!

selenakyle said...

Bingo, Sexecution--the ice cream afterward is the dead giveaway.

figgy--we Realtors don't want their asses, either! Some of us are not all that bad.

There are bad apples in any basket, just like there are good eggs in any old dozen.

Take Enty for instance--he's a lawyer by trade and we like him just fine!

Anonymous said...

I find them annoying. Please bury them lol.

Judi said...

Yeah - I get my humor elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

B-U-L-I-M-I-A! The good ole binge and purge.

Pookie said...

what's not to like? she even reports on police chases!


Sporky said...

Not these two again! It's been so nice not to see that Harry & the Hendersons motherf*cker lately and here he is again!

shakey said...

"in n out is the best" looked very strange because it came right after yet another bible passage. I think she's trying to type out the whole New Testament.

"Food is the best thing about life!" Praise Jesus, praise Jesus, y'all!

She kills me.

mooshki said...

"I think she's trying to type out the whole New Testament."


Shaina said...

Love that you blogged about this, although I hate them getting more publicity. For some ungodly reason, I follow Speidi's tweets - and I have also noticed as of late her frequent binges. So freaking hilarious. How she manages to eat multiple pizzas in between her praises of Jesus is beyond me.

Ayesha said...

As everyone else has pointed out, she binges and purges.


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