Friday, April 10, 2009

Random Photos Part One

The nerds of the world will probably be breaking out their Dungeons & Dragons boards tonight. One of the two creators of the game, Dave Arneson has passed away. RIP.
Rashida Jones looks like she is ready to go to Hawaii. Oh, and she looks great.
Amy Poehler and Will Arnett. They do absolutely everything together which I think is great. Could you imagine them ever making a statement like Gwyneth Paltrow about how it's wrong to walk the red carpet with your husband or not necessary. When you see Will & Amy you realize how pretentious and out of touch Gwyneth and Chris are with reality.
I believe the book is called Priceless Memories. Uh huh. I would like to read the the stories of the hidden Price Is Right. That would be a good book. I want to know if anyone ever snorted coke off the Plinko game or had sex in the showcase before the show.
Bruce Dern & David Carradine. They kind of resemble each other.
That is Ben Folds and what I believe are his children. They may in fact be props lent to him for this red carpet appearance.
Ditto with Amy Grant.
You would be correct in assuming that Bai Ling is in the new movie Crank with Jason Statham and Amy Smart. Bai would also like everyone to know that she has not and will not ever have sex with Mickey Rourke.
Benjamin McKenize brings his own handcuffs to the party. He might be propositioning Regis. Anyway, unlike his fellow OC alum, Mischa Barton, he actually has a career. That new show Southland he is in is really good.
Long time no see Clint Black. Apparently they did not provide Clint with prop children.
A first time appearance I think for Chris Pratt.
The randomness of the day goes to Dita von Teese, Sophia Bush, and Amy Smart.
Gavin Rossdale - Los Angeles
Hugh Jackman and Daniel Henney. I have no idea what the pointing index finger means.
The very lovely Iman. This was taken in New York so maybe she is off to kill Heidi Klum and come to the American version of Project Runway. Of course she could just be there promoting her new handbags, one of which she is carrying.
Projected movie title for the life story of Suri Cruise - "The girl who never walks." She will be 3 next week. At what point do they let the girl just walk? They bring her to playgrounds and carry her from thing to thing. Do they have some strange Xenu rule that says you can't touch the ground before a certain age?
Leona Lewis - Los Angeles
The woman on the right facing the camera is Kristen Bell. The blurry woman on the left is Lisa Rinna. You should be grateful it is blurry. No, seriously. OK, I will let you see.
Warned you.
Melora Hardin not only has a new television show coming out on FX, but also a brand new movie she wrote and directed and did the catering for and produced, and cleaned the honey wagon, and so much more.
The very lovely Mindy Kaling.
Orlando Bloom always seems to look exactly the same in every photo.
When you point the fingers like Ryan Cabrera, it really is more of a scissor thing than anything else. Oh, it could be disguising the middle finger.
A rare sighting of Rachel Leigh Cook.
The always hilarious Rainn Wilson.


Cate said...

Is it just me, or does Lisa Rinna look like the Joker? I should have listened to the warning!

mooshki said...

I thought Parks and Recreation had a somewhat rough start, but I LOLed hard a few times. I hope it finds its groove!

Bruce Dern has Gary Busey eyes!

I cannot wait for Crank 2. I think Crank may be the closest movie approximation to Bai Ling's real life.

"Do they have some strange Xenu rule that says you can't touch the ground before a certain age?"

That wouldn't surprise me a bit. Maybe something about being corrupted by the ground...

K.Bell, I love you so very, very much. Especially in contrast to TroutMouth.

Hmm, I wonder if Rachel has been back here in Minneapolis - doesn't look like she's seen the sun in a while. :)

Rainn Wilson is my favorite Tweeter, by far.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Hugh's pointing finger is a comment about Daniel's thing. You know there was one hot end-of-filming orgy w/ Hugh, Daniel, Liev, and Taylor. (or maybe that's just my fantasy.)

Ben Folds is severely lacking a chin.

And Rashida didn't make top photo again? Enty, you mad at her?

virginiatarheel said...

Just saying - I have two kids, and a lot of times it's easier to pick up the almost 3 yr old to get where you're going. Especially if there are a million photogs around. I'm sure she gets lots of walk around time (props to Robert Cray) while her mom continues to be brainwashed.

captivagrl said...

watched Southland last night, looks promising.

Rainn - why all the hate for sockington?

JM said...

OMG, her lips!!!! LOL!!!!! said...

I know Lisa Rinna sees pics of can she possibly think she looks attractive with her lips like that?

MISCH said...


Cheryl said...

I too would love to read about the secret life of the Price is Right. We know about Bob's affair with Dian but was there a sex tape?

Unknown said...

Dita von Teese looks likes the girls' great aunt from 1940.

CDAN Mod said...

EXACTLY, grace!!! dita's look is making her look older. get a stylist!!

brendalove, methinks that joan and melissa rivers and lisa suffers from some mental disorder where they actually believe that they look absolutely great!! can't remember the name of it.

figgy said...

Now, I love Love LOVE Mindy Kaling, but that that outfit is 10 kinds o' fugly.

...which, of course, makes me like her even more...

Eeny Beeny Meeny said...

Mindy looks like she found my junior high gym-class suit. Except mine was very loose fitting and buttoned up nearly to my chin!

She's still a brilliant writer and actress, tho, no matter what she's wearing.

Ms Cool said...

I love David Carradine. He's no Daniel Craig, though.

I bet they carry Suri because of the sheer number of paparazzi around.

Why can't Lisa Rinna lay off the injectables? She's not a bad looking woman when she is deflated.

farmgirl said...

I could not stop looking at Iman's bag before I read the caption. That chick has great taste, and now i have to go buy it!!!!

Jillian S. said...

So does this mean Will forgives Amy for bopping Paul Rudd back in the WHAS days?

Eileenie McMeanie said...

YIKES! WTF is wrong with Lisa Rinna? She looks atrocious!

nancer said...

i think once you fuck up your lips, you can't unfuck them.

littleoleme said...

Rachel Leigh Cook - I covet your boots.

ardleighstreet said...

I'm with littleoleme I love those BOOTS. I don't care what Hugh points at maybe the man really likes his shoes. I just thank you for putting him in the randoms. I now understand why K.Bell was looking away from TroutPout. That would seroiusly put anyone off eating. Does Iman ever age?

Unknown said...

why is Orlando's scarf so f'ing short?

shakey said...

Re the secret Price is Right - that is one book my husband would read.

I hope Amy Smart is nice in real life. She has nice written on her face. The other two have "bitch".

I wish Gavin Rossdale would get Bush back together again.

I didn't walk until the day before I turned 2 because my parents carried me everywhere. Suri can walk, but maybe she feels overwhelmed with the paps. Or Katie does.

Orlando Bloom is no James Franco. Captivagrl, I don't understand the hate either.

bionic bunny! said...

@ Q. southerner:
body dysmorphic disorder, i believe.

libby said...


(he may not have a chin, but in my experience, one either hasn't heard him much yet or LOVES him.) (please, nobody criticize my Ben's music in response, I'm much too delicate for that!)

thanks, enty. I haven't seen a photo of his kids for a while.

ElsieFire said...

Late to the posts, but just have to ask the question: What the HELL could possibly be the premise to Crank 2????? Seriously. Saw the first one, meh, now a sequel??

Jason honey, I'm sure you don't need the money that bad.

slappywhyte said...

Sophia Bush is one of the hottest women around, in my view ... but why is she dressing like a 50 yr old woman, she's about 24 ... is it Katie Holmes syndrome?


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