Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Random Photos Part One

"Kids. Let me tell you why this book sucks and why you need to go buy Spiderman comics."
Random Italian actors of the day. Today, I have found two. The first is Antonio Cupo.
And the second is Alessio Boni.
Whatever Anna Faris keeps doing to herself she needs to stop. It might be botox, and really bad bleach. She is in the new movie which rips off the Mall Cop movie.
And there is your star Seth Rogen who announced last week that he really dislikes kids and if it were up to him he would have nothing to do with them. He meant it by the way. He is happy of course to accept their Monsters And Aliens money.
I think what Chris Meloni is trying to say is, "if I can just inch my way back over to the boards, I will be ok. I'm on television dammit. I can't fall. Doesn't this ice know who I am?"
I wanted photos of Star Jones on the ice, but I don't think she actually put on skates.
But if Star did want to skate, the one and only Dorothy Hamill could have helped. Naaah. Probably not.
Hey, it's Drew Lachey.
Star Trek premiere in Sydney. Eric Bana.
Zachary Quinto, and the man himself, JJ Abrams.
Chris Pine shows us that she will be winning lots of bar bets. Either that or he had his fingers superglued.
Has anyone seen Elsa Pataky with Adrien Brody lately?
All the country people got together again last night for George Strait. Here are Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. Great things about cowboy hats is you can fall asleep and no one really notices if you do it right.
First photos from the set of Iron Man 2. - Robert Downey Jr.
And Don Cheadle. We are just going to pretend Gwyneth Paltrow isn't in the movie.
I'm not sure why the photographer went for this angle of James Franco, but, here you go.
When a woman carries around a dog in her bag and drags her boyfriend behind her like another dog, I don't give the relationship much longer. Sure, I know Julianne and Chuck are still dancing, but after the dancing, it's over.
I watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall again over the weekend. Jonah Hill is hilarious in it and that movie is really underrated. If you haven't seen it, you really need to.
Josh Hartnett is out of the hospital. His pants look like they are falling down. "I'm one good stomach flu from reaching my goal weight." Emily Blunt - Devil Wears Prada.
I don't know why I really care but this is where Madonna slept while she was in Malawi. She replaced the Gideon Bible with a copy of Sex.
Last week Michael Caine was all giggly around Sienna Miller. Not so much around his wife Shakira.
Michelle Williams and Matilda.
Nick Lachey threw out the first pitch and Cincinnati lost. FAIL. Home opener and all they could manage was Nick Lachey? Wasn't Jerry Springer the mayor of the city?
Oh, I'm not looking at Ray Liotta, I'm looking at the Hooters sign over his shoulder and can't stop thinking about chicken wings.
And then they killed the photographer.
The entire Momsen family headed to church on Sunday.


Emobacca said...

Jackass blind reveal for Chris Meloni?

selenakyle said...

Yummy touches of gray on Ray Liotta.

lutefisk said...

Dorothy Hamill looks great. I remember when her hair was THE style to have!

nancer said...

meloni doesn't fit the description, i don't believe.

dorothy hamill is a doll. she looks better than everyone else in the randoms by a mile.

Pookie said...

michael caine's wife is named shakira? teehee!

wow, elsa pataky!

eep, the momsens are a tad unfortunate looking. :o

mooshki said...

Sorry, neither of those guys is a Raoul.

I can't wait for Star Trek, although the preview doesn't look quite cheesy enough. With JJ, though, I'm not too worried. ;)

Is that a reveal, was Chris Pine born a woman? And you're disappointing me here, Enty, I thought you claimed to be a nerd. Didn't you practice with your fingers for hours to get the Vulcan salute just right? No? Just me? Oh well...

Uh-oh, if you've just outed Adrian as single you'd better hold onto something, because the mad rush of gals to Hollywood to try to nab him is going to trigger an earthquake.

Much as I love Don Cheadle, I did like Terrance Howard in the role. Too bad he's such a douche.

My faith in you is restored again, Enty. Sarah Marshall is one of my favorite movies of all time.

Josh Hartnett does look like he's been having intestinal issues. Check out that bloat.

Any other takers for a CDaN ban on Madonna? So sick of hearing about her and her bs.

Hasn't Springer already done the first pitch? Or am I imagining that...

Holy shit, Taylor's mom remembered she existed? Is that the Church of the Fallen Crack Whore?

Marnie said...

Have we heard any good blinds about Renee Z and J.J. Abrams yet? They're dating right?

nancer said...

isn't that dan abrams renee was dating? or maybe it was just a date or two---haven't seen anything recent about them.

oh and she can't have dan....he's MINE.

bionic bunny! said...

lachey throws like a girl. me, i've got one hell of an arm!
aw, dorothy. i was skating when she took the gold. in fact, she started off with one of my (we called them "pros" in those days) coaches. ALL of us had the wedge haircut. i'd still wear it if somebody could cut it!

Majik said...

Is there a blind somewhere about a bulimic guy...used to hide it but now brings his own bucket or something....it was recent.

Josh Hartnett? Never woulda thought.

Maja With a J said...

That taylor Momsen girl is really starting to look quite unsanitary. I wonder if she has been in a blind item lately?

kimmypie1 said...

Looks like Seth Rogen transferred the weight he lost directly into Jonah Hill. How did they do that?

Unknown said...

Forget the two Italian ENTY included today. He is only trying to keep us salivating for the new FFF Raoul shots that he has promised us. Now the only problem is for us all to find hot Italians with Limoncello-flavored lips that we can enjoy.

Stephen said...

I have watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall about 10 times in the last 2 weeks on Cinemax. Sorry, Enty, but I don't like Jonah Hill. I flip the channel when his scenes come on. I watch for Mila Kunis. And I thought Russell Brand was pretty good, especially the parts about the shirt.

Goodgrief said...

Is Chris Meloni known to pull the "don't you know who I am?" card?

Dorothy Hamill looks great!!

If it isn't the diva couple of county music.

What?? You're not going to show us RDJ's high heels?

That Chuck guy doesn't look too happy.

Taylor and her mom are both rather tragic looking. I will leave little sis alone.

FrenchGirl said...

Ericccc Bannnnaaaa!

Goodgrief said...

Oh and I forgot. I would also go along with a Madonna ban. I forgot who was on the list besides Piddy.

Jenny said...

Omg yes can we please talk about RDJ's high heels? Ridiculous

Thisisridiculous said...

I actually thought "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" sucked donkey balls.

Those Italians look yummy though.

CDAN Mod said...

michael caine is a BI apparently, which one?

Anonymous said...

Who's the man at the top?

Anonymous said...

I have to say, thank you for Bana, Franco's crotch, and Meloni. I don't care if Meloni's an ass, he has a hot one.

The italians, not as hot as Raoul.

Enty I can't believe that the first thing you think about when you see HOOTERS is wings. FW must have you whipped.

palealebrew10 said...

Taylor's mom looks..freaky. And like some celeb I cannot place.

Gisele reminds me of a fresher Jennifer Aniston in this photo.

Anna faris looks like a barbie doll.

Ray Liotta looks like a pedophile. He just gives me the creeps.

Faith Hill looks great. Tim Mcgraw-um not so much. Give. up. the. coke.

Chris Pine-whoo..maybe I'll bump someone in my freebie 5.

JS said...

I thought the Michael Caine comment was a blind item clue or reveal too. How long has he been married. Wasn't there a blind about an older A list actor cheating on his long time wife recently?

JS said...

OK, I found the blind I was thinking of, but Michael Caine doesn't fit. It was the older aging actor no stranger to divorce flying in a Venezeulan(sp?) actress. He has been marrie to his current wife for more than thrity year and had only one marriage previously. http://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2009/03/todays-blind-items_31.html

Marna Palmer said...

Well, that picture of the Momsens now explains why Taylor's mom lets her walk around looking like walking death.

What happened to funny quirky Anna faris?!?! Now she's just another typical Hollywood slutbunny. Disappointing.

shakey said...

Madonna brings her own movie sets?

Who's the Momsen chick that looks like Jason Schwartzman?

Kelsey said...

Wow, Matilda looks JUST like Heath.

Anonymous said...

I must defend Nick Lachey for a moment. I am a Cincy native as he is and I have to say he supports our local sports teams (college and pro)tremendously. As a huge Reds fan, I completely approve of him throwing the first pitch :)

mooshki said...

Hey, why does Stan Lee's pic have "aa" in the label? Is he an alkie? Or just drunk in that pic?

Linnea said...

i dont care what kind of angle they get franco from, they are all good to me.

B626 said...

Anna F was so great as a ditz in Scary Movie etc but when she played that parody of a hot stupid Britany in Just Friends she got that thirst for beauty no matter what and here we are now.

OMG James Franco looks just like James Dean in that pic.
Stay out of fast cars!

Enty you can stare at the Hooters sign all you want.
I'll ogle Ray L.

Donna said...

Holy Molasses. If you keep posting pics of Italian actors, I am going to up and move to Italia.


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