Friday, April 10, 2009

Thanks California - Now Nick Hogan Can Drive In 49 States

Nick Hogan wanted to move to California from Florida. Apparently someone owed someone a favor and Nick got a job at a record company here. So, Nick didn't want to walk to work or take a bus or anything else that would keep California's citizens safe. Nope. He wanted to drive. Well, California said it wouldn't recognize the license Florida gave him which was restricted to driving to and from work.

Hmmm. What to do? Well Nick's lawyer asked if Nick could just have a regular California driver's license. "Well sure," the state said. So, now because the California license is valid in every state, Nick can drive in any state but Florida. See, Florida decided to not enter any of his past driving information on the national database, so as far as any other state goes, Nick has a clean driving record.

It just seems like a really convenient way to get a license when you shouldn't have one. So, what that means I guess is that every drunk driver who gets his license restricted in Florida can just come out to California and get a brand new license. The trick, and lets face it, it is a trick doesn't work if the license has been suspended, but it does work as long as you have some kind of license even if that license only allows you to drive for an hour a day to go to your parole officer. Come to California and we will give you a full license.

Oh, and according to Nick's attorney, Nick wants to get back into drift racing, but at this point is not competing competitively. Umm. So, he's driving a million miles an hour, just not against anyone? Oh, well sure, he has shown he is responsible enough to do that. Damn I hate this family.


mooshki said...

"Nick wants to get back into drift racing"

Excuse me? WTF? For him, that's like saying "I'd really like to start driving drunk again."

Paperzilla said...

Enty - Everyone in the drift community down here thinks that Nick is a joke. Oh and I don't know why he wants to keep drifting, he obviously doesn't know how to keep his car under control.

Dizzy Lizzy said...

this kinda ish makes me annnnngggglleeee!!!! ytf would they give him his license???? so he can come out to pch and kill someone else???
they are tt to the max!

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why Florida did not enter his pass driving info on the national database. Can they do that or is it just a celebrity thing??

(This idiot is not even a celebrity)

jax said...


ok Californians, start writing Arnie, this is crap!

Sinjin said...

Dizzy Lizzy, I figured our most of your abbreviations in that message, but I'm still wondering what is "tt"?

Green Wave Gal said...

I want to know where he lives, works, and hangs out so I can stay the f*** away!

Judi said...

Off to email Arnold and the DMV.

bionic bunny! said...


RagDoll said...


Not a celebrity thing. It's a Flor-idiot thing. Floriduuuuh has issued me TWO driver's licenses. Both valid, both with different numbers.

You know what happened? Some jackass at the DMV transposed my SSN when I got a license. When I went in to correct the problem, they simply issued a second license without ever canceling my first license.

I have been trying to fix it for years, but no dice. Yes. They are THAT stupid down here.

So, I just go with the flow. If I get a ticket, give the cop one license and show up to court with the OTHER license and pretend I've never seen the cop or the ticket, and I have NO IDEA what the fuck license they're even TALKING about.

One of my licenses has 3 speeding tickets, a ticket for rolling thru a stop sign, and a ticket for cutting through a parking lot to aoid a red light.

The other is clean as a whistle.

I have never paid for a ticket, I have had each and every one of them thrown out in court, and the looks on the faces of the officers who ticketed me is PRICELESS. They KNOW it was me, they KNOW they punched in the DL # correctly and my picture came up....however when I show up, a whole different, very legal, totally valid license is presented by me. NO ONE ever figures it out, because they're all coke snorting idiots here, from the judges to the cops...bloody morons, dude.

Since it's not a fake license, and since it's obviously me in the picture, and since they're much to brain dead to figure out what's going on, I get off scot-free every time.

So, yeah, I 100% believe that the FL DMV simply didn't enter good old Nick's info into the database.



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