Monday, April 06, 2009

Random Photos Part One

They did it. I can't believe they did it. They finally turned back into their wax form.
All of the Real Housewives. Amazingly they all appear to be smiling.
The legendary Alan Jackson with his wife Denise.
Ashton Kutcher filming his latest movie.
Everyone has worn something awful in their life. It happens. But I can't imagine anyone ever wearing this. When you are looking at it what can you say about it that is positive? Did Aubrey O'Day say, "hey, I love how there is this big gap around my breasts so all the little people in the world get a free show."
There is lots of randomness today. Maybe nothing more so than Chyna and Dr. Dre. (Apparently it is actually Dr Dre's wife. (I like pretending it is Chyna and asking wtf?)
I have been looking several photos of Carrot Top and his "guest." I'm almost convinced she's a woman. Almost.
While Carrie Underwood does look nice, the dress isn't top secret great.
Yeah, it's Jennifer Love Hewitt. At least I didn't include her deeb boyfriend. Be grateful for small miracles.
Jason Mraz - London
I believe Jake Owen is wearing seersucker.
From L to R - Jimmy Page, James Hetfield, Jeff Beck and Ronnie Wood.
John Rich and what appear to be acid washed jeans. They aren't coming back are they?
Matthew Broderick has his crush look going. I wonder what Jerry Seinfeld did to him.
Yeah, I like Kellie Pickler.
Lenny Kravitz before a private show in Paris.
"I don't lie, drink or do drugs."
Samantha Ronson released this photo. I think she is daring someone to call it coke so she can sue them. It is called a Hollywood cake.
LeAnn Rimes makes one of her first appearances since the affair story.
Marisa Miller and her guest. Interesting pair.
I did you a favor by not showing you the bottom third of the dress.
Melina Kanakaredes, Teri Hatcher and Dana Delaney. What is wrong with Teri's knee?
The always funny Mindy Kaling.
Martina McBride looks great here.
Nicole Kidman showing the world that she does, in fact have a baby imprisoned on her iPhone.
A-List Awards? Not in this lifetime.
Robert Downey Jr doing some press for The Soloist.
With Jamie Foxx.
Run, Eminem and DMC. Congratulations to RUN DMC for their induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.
Ringo and Eddie have the same damn look on their face.
And the interesting news was that Shanna Moakler didn't have sex with anyone on the way to the show.
It makes me want to burn ever Smashing Pumpkins CD ever made. Oh, and this wasn't some red carpet by chance meeting. I won't show you the pictures of them walking away holding hands because it would be burned into your retina.
I put Trace Adkins in here because people always complain when I exclude him from country photos.
Project Runway coming to your tv in June.
20 years after making her last porno and the first thought anyone has when they hear Traci Lords is porn star. She looks good though.
I'm probably going to hell, but Tori Spelling looks pretty here.
Jenny McCarthy needs to wash her hair.


Khemenu said...

Dr. Dre looks like he's wearing one of those fake superman costumes under his shirt.

i am a princess, yes i am said...

oh i LOVE Martina McBride's dress. soooo much!!!!!!!!!

Emobacca said...

Ent, Tori Spelling looks hideous

Speaking of hideous, why did Kellie Pickler destroy herself with plastic surgery? I thought she was cute minus the very annoying southern hick gimmick she had on American Idol.

tcnole said...

The Top Secret Carrie Underwood dress was actually her performance dress. The dress was huge...

Lady J said...

Enty that is not Chyna with Dr. Dre that is actually his wife Nicole. The resemblance to Chyna is uncanny though.

SkittleKitty said...

I've seen Chucky dolls that looked more life-like than Carrot-top. GROSS.
Too bad: he was funny, but I can't bear to look and you have to look to appreciate his comedy (props).

FrenchGirl said...

about Billy Corgan and tila Tequila,if they 're together,it's the real clue the end of the world came!what after ? trent reznor with britney spears? no trent reznor with paris hilton and Bono divorced!

Christina said...

I am shocked and amazed at how great Jimmy Page looks. Esp next to his old cohorts - some with too much plastic surgery and others who could use some. Or could use some food anyway.

notachance said...

Top Secret Carrie dress looked more like curtains....

Martina looked great.

Jake Owen was NOT wearing searsucker - it was just a pinstriped suit.

Trace Adkins was best dressed last night - really, and should be in your photo's. Not to mention the best performance.

Miley Cyrus - you should've cut the top 1/3 of the picture, it's her face that bothers me.

Nicole Kidman - appears she's grown so frail she can't even hold up an iPhone with one hand.

John Rich - I think the only performer to wear to the show what he was performing in.

mooshki said...

Carrie's top secret dress was horrifying. I'm still trying to blot it from my mind.

WHY did you make me look at Teri's knee?! WHY?!!!

LOL at the Kidman caption!

Isn't being inducted into the Hall of Fame supposed to be a good thing?

Unless you had a camera on her the whole time, I don't believe you about Shanna.

But Project Runway won't be on Bravo in June. :( If I didn't love Tim so much, I might boycott it.

lmnop123 said...

Thanks for the picture of Jamie Foxx.

I really like him, although I don't know why because he can be pretty vulgar but, I still like him.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Can't stand idiot Kutcher.

That person with Dr. Dre looks like a guy.

Carrot Top looks horrible. He should play Freddy Kruger.

Carrie's dress isn't so bad but she does need something with color.

2 more idiots Broderick and Seinfeld.

Wonder when LeAnn is announce her divorce.

Miley talks funny when she is being interview. I don't even understand what she is saying. Sort of mumbles her words.

Teri's legs looks skinny probably that's why her knee is popping out.

Nicole Kidman, have you seen her backside?? Has a horrible back not even sexy.

The skunk with her stupid pose.

Downey is he gay?? He has always looked gay to me.

I like Trace Adkins, he seems like a very lay back type of person.

Haven't seen Traci L. for a good while.

Tori no matter what she wears she still looks fuggly.

Maja With a J said...

Kellie Pickler needs to get a dress that is just half a size up from what she's wearing. She has a great body, but seriously, it really looks like she can't move at all in that thing.

Sporky said...

Re: Real Housewives - I wonder if Bethenny said anything to Leatherface Kelly?

And that picture Sam Ronson sent, tweeted, whatever - the CoCake - what was the message there? Because it can't be directed at Lindsay - she doesn't lie or do drugs!

jax said...

wow the descriptions are amazing Enty, too bad this damn firewall prohibits me from seeing any jpegs online.
annnnd i'd like to take this time to send out agiant EFF YOU to my place of business for turning into Internet Nazis.

(single tear)

Pookie said...

i see we're back to stalking the spanish royals...teehee!

wow, martina mcbride!!!

yum, yum, yum lenny kravitz! *swoon*

for once i like a nicole kidman pic.

doesn't paris' back hurt by now? it's like the same pose, over and over.

oh, jamie foxx in today's pics...i think that's a BI answer right there...

Anonymous said...

Killer commentary today, Ent!

nancer said...

i don't recognize some of the women in the 'housewives' pic but several aren't there.

sorry, but tori spelling could only look sorta kinda ok if she were decapitated. otherwise, it's impossible.

martina mcbride is just gorgeous---the dress is icing on the cake.

lmnop123 said...

Pookie, you think Jamie is the answer to which BI?

Charlene said...

Kellie Pickler's breasts - ow ow ow ow - it makes me cringe just to look at that picture.

Seriously - ow!

Amber said...

Billy Corgan, I will never forgive you!

selenakyle said...

Ashton needs some damn body hair. Sheesh, man-boy!

I really like JLH's dress. She looks good here.

Unbelievable that (a) Jimmy Page is still alive and (b) he looks younger than ever, actually kinda handsome.

Mmmm, Lenny K...

Lastly, I want that cake! The bottom part and the top part, not necessarily in that order...

selenakyle said...

...and how pathetic is Paris Hilton who can't even have short hair without extensions?

Unknown said...

Wouldn't you hate to be the "guest" to CarrotTop? You'd have to be standing there thinking "How much money am I getting out of this?"

bionic bunny! said...

what's up with my RDJ? bad lighting? looking a little rough there, please tell me he's not hanging with mickey rourke! said...

Jimmy Page's skin is flawless. I wonder if he had a skin-care regimen for all those years? The heroin regimen?

Sinjin said...

Selena, Ashton does have some. He had it waxed and posted it on Twitter, and it was on the "entertainment" industry shows. Probably also on YouTube by now.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Can't wait to see The Soloist.

shakey said...

Who took the legs off that Barbie Doll in the Real Housewives photo? Dr. Dre's wife would have to be big enough to whoop his ass if he tried anything. I think Sylvia is on to something - Carrot Top Kruger - Son of Freddie.

I see James Hetfield and all I can think of is him standing on Slash's bed saying "YES, YES, THAT IS ALL. YES." Like saying "that'll do pig, that'll do."

That picture of Matthew and Jerry is priceless! Kelly Pickler scares me (not as much as Teri Hatcher's knee), but Lenny Kravitz doesn't. LeAnn Rimes looks horrible in that dress.

Mooshki - it was RDJ's birthday on Saturday, so he's probably recovering from the party.

Eminem = poseur. People help me - who does Billy Corrigan resemble with that outfit?

What is this A-List awards? To find out who among the Z-list is top of the ZZZZZ?

Chrissy Buns said...

i LOVE jason mraz...that is all

Wa said...


I hear ya, I love Jason Mraz too!
He's just amazing. :D

merrick said...

Billy Corigan looks like one of the characters out of Austin Powers I think.

Oh all the music men that I love, especially Eddie V and Lenny K. Jimmy Page looks awesome also.

Love JennyM, but what is up with that dress?

Paris oh Paris, when will we ever see the real you? When will you stop trying to be what you are not? You are not Lady GaGa nor are you a fashion model, but you could be a poster child for bad posture.

merrick said...

Almost forgot, WTF did Kelly Pickler do to her face? She was so pretty, not the brightest bulb in the world, but who told her to do that??

whole lotto luv said...

Nicole may be all smoothness face-on, but from the angle of that pic she looks a bit jowly. Something about her looks like a 79-year-old lady to me.

Ringo's gonna be 69 this year. He looks really good.

Tori looks pretty, but Jenny McCarthy needs to wash her hair? Their hair looks the same to me. Tori's just unfortunate-looking.

gurnage said...

Thanks for posting an Eddie Vedder pic. Love him! Also Trace Adkins is best dressed and always looks dashing.

Tori has been looking anorexic lately among the other gazillion hollywood actresses.

ChasingHeaven said...

SON OF A BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Billy Corgan)

*Cries self to sleep*

mamao said...

I'm very late to the game but I don't think that is Dr. Dre. That is the Celebrity Fit Club trainer Harvey Walden who had an affair with Kimberly Locke.

B626 said...

Of course Chris Kutcher is snapping a pic of himself(constantly?)

Lenny Kravitz--sooo HOT


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