Friday, April 09, 2010

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Rachel Bilson's outfit is interesting. Judging from the smile on Tom Sturridge's face though he seems to like it.
Another person who always seems to show up for events but never actually appears to work is Emmy Rossum. She looks good though. I also have a confession. I actually love the movie Day After Tomorrow. I know, I know and it has Jake G in it too. It's a conundrum. (word used with permission from GOOP.)
Some very, very short shorts from Rihanna in Los Angeles yesterday.
Up close and personal with Rick Springfield. So, there are two kinds of people in this world. Well, actually three. Those who like Hard To Hold. Those who hate Hard To Hold and the majority of the world who has never seen nor heard of the movie. I am a liker.
A very rare photo of Rob Thomas without his wife Marisol.
Another person I would like to go drink with is Sara Gilbert.
Wow. Just wow. I feel like I'm at the food court at the Garden State Mall.
Did you know that Snooki's glasses cost like $350. Why would anyone pay $350 to be blind?
The Addams Family opening night. Judging from the reviews, it might not be around that long.
Tom and Gisele kissing in Paris. The city, not he person, because, well that would be disturbing.
Oh, and kissing again in the river. Well, not in the river. On the river. If it was in the river, they would probably be really cold and not feel much like kissing.
Also in Paris, but not kissing anyone was Taylor Lautner.
There is nothing more funny to me in this world than a bunch of old suits who think they are cool. These are 3D glasses and they are watching The Masters in 3D. Later they really went out on a limb and actually talked to the person who served them drinks. Oh, and a note to Time Warner pr reps. Next time you might want to throw some people of color into your pictures.


Ice Angel said...

I once dated a guy who was absolutely OBSESSED with all things Rick Springfield and saw the movie Hard to Hold 30 times...mind you...this was BEFORE DVD's!!! I guess he liked me because Rick and I share a birthday.

jess said...

"but never actually appears to work is Emmy Rossum" A blind item answer?
-that pic of jersey's skanks is funny
-hahahaha...old suits watching 3D golf, not even in 3D I find golf interesting to watch

mazemerizing said...

Those Jersey girls scare me. They look really big, mean and tan.

I love Rick Springfield. He was funny in Californication. Just hope he stops with the plastic surgery.

RocketQueen said...

I have never seen Hard to Hold - I'll put it on my list :)

Snooki looks like a nasty little troll.

I"m so sick of seeing Lautner's mug everywhere. He gives me the ick. nasts.

Wow - Rachel looks...happy? I like that look on her.

Boriqua said...

I saw Hard to Hold back in the day and can't remember too much about it now. I do still have the autographed LP soundtrack, though. One of my most prized possessions.

rdmtimp said...

Re Rossum - as I noted in another thread, she had 2 movies out last year and has an HBO series coming up. How is that "hardly working"?

rdmtimp said...
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Unknown said...

Thank Enty for the Rob Thomas pic!!

ureallyannoyme said...

How could you not luv a movie featuring Rick Springfield's naked ass?

Unknown said...

Those Jersey people are awful.

Treesap-Covered Lady, the Humanist said...

As someone who has puked in Seine (the river Tom and Gisele are on), I don't suggest kissing in the water unless you like kissing in two bottles of half digested wine.

Granted, if you’re into that submerge yourself and kiss away.

Mic said...

Taylor lautner not kissing anyone? Was there a blind about some young actor not interested in girls or guys or am I thinking of something else?

Mic said...

Taylor lautner not kissing anyone? Was there a blind about some young actor not interested in girls or guys or am I thinking of something else?

lutefisk said...

I love the photos of Tom, Gisele, & the baby--they seem so incredibly happy together.

Leah said...

Carlyle= Peter Facinelli
and he is HOT!
And I have to agree that he is the only one I find interesting.


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