Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

Awww, it's Mrs. Costanza. By looking at her you would never know she can yell quite like she could yell at George. I love Estelle Harris.
Geena Davis looks better than I have seen her look in a long time.
A very lovely man. Gene Wilder.
Hayden P and her younger brother who seems to have found
a much older girl to hang out with.
Let's see. Jeff Daniels, Emma Stone and Kieran Culkin.
Look at all the media who came to watch Joslyn James watch media watching Tiger Woods.
And they even got some acting.
Probably my favorite actress at this point. Jane Lynch.
Johnny Weir came out to an event. So, you know my rule. If one ice skater shows up, they all show up.
The Hughes sisters.
Kristi Yamaguchi showed up.
So did Sasha Cohen and even
the Grand Dame herself, Dorothy Hamill.


heatherhug said...

Gene Wilder is starting to look like James Cromwell.

RocketQueen said...

Love Gene Wilder :)

I wonder how Gloria Allred sleeps at night. Supporting and making money off conscience-free skanks.

Are Emma and Kieran together? He looks...ill.

chihuahuense said...

those Culkin boys got hit with the ugly stick.

Lady J said...

Why is the media still giving that whore attention?
LUV Jane Lynch. she is AWESOME and can do no wrong in anything I see her in.
Long time since I've seen Gene Wilder. He will always be Willy Wonka
to me.

MontanaMarriott said...

Jane Lynch is da bomb so love her.

WOW who said porn stars can't act?!?! LOL

Dorothy Hamill looks the same, talke about great skin!

audrey said...

So is this going to happen every tourney Tiger plays in until he retires? One or all the mistresses gathered to give commentary on whether or not he was telling the truth, or playing at the top of his game or just to remind the world Tiger has bad taste in women.

peabee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lutefisk said...

I saw Sarah Hughes shopping with her mother in a supermarket right after she won her gold medals. Her mother had a tote bag filled with 8 X 10 photos that Sarah graciously stood & signed for everyone. The 2 of them were as nice as could be, & talked to all of us hovering around them. It was so refreshing to see what a nice girl she was.

Jillian S. said...

Hayden P's little brother is adorable. The Beiber crowd should be all over him.

Kieran Culkin on the other hand...Yikes! He looks like a rundown middle aged lesbian.

chestnut-red said...

I'm still amazed that Joslyn James is putting on this whole show because she thought she was Tiger's only mistress and wants a public apology. What a delusional woman! And Gloria Allred is as nutty as her clients. She's like a lawyer that runs after ambulances, except that she chases slighted mistresses who knew they were sleeping with married men. Elin should demand a public apology from Joslyn.

jagerlilly said...

I don't know why I didn't see it before, Jane Lynch should play Scarpetta!!! She's PERFECT!

Lady J said...

lol @ Jillian S

ur description of Kieran is hilarious and spot on!

lanasyogamama said...

Kieran looks troubled.

Enty, please don't put skater girls on here, my daughter just wants to stare at them and won't let me scroll.

Sporky said...

Does Dorothy Hamill bathe in virgin's blood or what? She never ages! But she looks great, and not Botoxed to the gills. Well done.

Unknown said...

I wanted to be Dorothy Hamill when I was little. I would constantly do double axels in the grocery store. I was a very strange child.

RJ said...

Kulkin, Stone, and Daniels are either all really, really white or that is some horrible light in which they were photographed. And I say that as someone who could close my eyes and vanish into a snow drift.

MadLyb said...

Jane Lynch, I ADORE you! She's fantastic in everything she's in. Loved her in 'A Mighty Wind'. Blech on the redhead Tiger skank. So now all you have to do is f*ck a famous married guy in this country and it's instant fame with the media slobbering all over you. This is where I beg to get off the planet, and no one listens. Then again, there's Jeff Daniels who always makes me smile, and Johnny Weir, who I find absolutely beautiful, so it's not all bad.

Melody the First said...

Gene Wilder is a wonderful man and a gifted man. It's good to see he's doing well given the circumstances.

Vanessa said...

JOsyln is such an attention whore...she didn't get any money and now she is actually trying to play the deserted wife role...like really.
I don't even know why people pay attention to her.
What is her role right now...b/c in 6 mths after Tiger continues to kick ass and b/c more discreet with his ladies she would be another porn star willing to take it up the ass and have cum all over her face.
She is useless.

Linnea said...

on the other hand, gloria really has done a good job covering that market completely to herself.

Jerry said...

Are figure skaters starting to sell Amway now?

As for Joslyn James, I got your apology right here.

Unknown said...

There wasn't a better Mudder/Fodder pair in the history of sitcom Television better than Estelle Harris & Jerry Stiller as parents. In 2nd place would have been Morty & Helen Seinfeld. Estelle Harris & Liz Sheridan were the best.

To me the most underrated character actress in the history of Sitcom TV and I mean this sincerely would have been Sonya Eddy, the black woman who played the character of Rebecca DeMornay on Seinfeld. Not sure if the real RD ever pizzed Larry David off or Jerry but it sure was funny and Sonya played that role to perfection.


As for Dorothy Hamill I would do her long before any other person you could name in Hollyweird right now no matter how young or how old including and yes I mean this, Betty White. Sorry Betty.

Leah said...

If I were Emma Stone, I'd be angling my pelvis away from Keiran and towards Jeff.

Green Wave Gal said...

I had the Dorothy Hamill haircut in the late 70's/early 80's. Thanks mom for that. :)


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