Monday, April 05, 2010

Random Photos Part Three

Go Butler
Anna Friel and her "friend" eating lunch.
Anna Friel and her "friend" on the beach.
So, are both these guys dating Avril Lavigne because this looks kind of weird. Everyone always said Brody Jenner sucks in bed, so maybe he needs a coach or something.
Amy Winehouse back on the drink and stumble circuit.
Beyonce and Jay Z on their way from dinner.
Bethenny Frankel is 8 months pregnant.
These are my kind of games. Hell, I am gold medal good in these games.
It's always a laugh until the exploding cake burns a guy's head.
Jeremy Shockey looks like a mess.
So, Diddily Piddily took his son to a Vegas nightclub for his 12th birthday. Hopefully that is just cranberry juice.
So is this Denise's nephew? I haven't seen him since the show ended.
Goo Goo Dolls - Indianapolis
I never knew Giuliana was a furry.
Gwen Stefani looks amazing here. So much so that
I could use a close up.
Yeah Jake it is an empty iPad.
Jay Mohr Cox - Los Angeles.
It's Cliff!!!


Hilary said...

I know Butler's head Coach Brad Stevens--Really excited for him that is so monumentally huge.
Also, I loathe Jeremy Shockey, he always just looks so greasy.

MontanaMarriott said...

ROFL @Jay Mohr Cox

Honey and with all that activator in Ice T's hair all it would take is one spark and it would be a repeat Pepsi commercial incident.

Other bloggers are saying Bey's is preggers because of the customary stomach covering in this pic.

Perhaps the two guys are together and Avril is just their to chaperone?

Tempestuous Grape said...

Dear Jay,

Mohr Cox.


angelina said...

Beyonce, wtf? What kind of outfit is that?

Shmooey said...

- What's the Mohr Cox about?

- P Diddiloo's son really looks like him, let's hope he'll grow up to be different. He's already throwing stupid hand signs.

Pookie said...

*jealous of jake's ipad*

jax said...

i think that is brody's brother. what an odd, random couple.

FrenchGirl said...

anna friehl isn't married??
whoaou! an Ipad!?
Avril Lavrigne has great relations!!
Beyoncé is very classy?!
where is Gwen 's fashion show ?

Paisley said...

Jay's legal name is now Jay Cox Mohr. He took his wife's name like she too his. I know a few other guys who did this and I think it's cool. Why should women be the only ones to change their names when they get married?

Unknown said...

Okay Beyonce, I don't care if you do throw a Chanel jacket on top of the whole mess, there is NO way for a pair of daisy dukes and spike heels to look anything but trashy and slutty. Fashion Fail.

When I see PDiddy's son with his hand like that I just wanna slap that hand down and say "stop it! you look like an idiot! You're about the farthest thing from a streetwise gangbanger as Prince William is."

Ryan said...

Cliff! But where's.. (wait for it) NORM?!?!?!

One day George Wendt is going to be on here gershdurnnit.

Elle said...

Beyonce is a hot mess. Sorry but that outfit is wack. And the super muscled legs (while fabulously toned) just don't seem to compliment the ensemble.

Diddy's son - is this a Vegas nightclub? For a kids party?

nunaurbiz said...

Bethenny looks great pregnant and very happy on her honeymoon! Team Bethenny!!!! (I used to have Bethenny and Jill as FB friends but dropped Jill after last week! )

Ells said...

I love Gwen, but I don't get the track pants with the heels.
Coco looks like she's protecting her weave from the sparks.
I don't think Beyonce is pregnant. Would she really be wearing tight denim cut-offs if she was?
I thought Diddy's son was just pointing. lol

Shmooey said...

@Paisley: That is a really good idea.
If taking the spouse's name signifies commitment and union between a couple, both parties should do it.

Yay for Jay!

(Also, I liked his memoir about his SNL days, "Gasping For Airtime": Very elucidating.)

L said...

Anna Friel and her "friend" were at the beach with her daughter, another in a string of dates that are looking like they are getting serious and not just having a fling. It's becoming more and more clear that she's done with babydaddy boyfriend David Thewlis (who I adore, and most know as Lupin in the Harry Potter movies). Sad, because of the child. Either she's trying to push Thewlis into "puttin' a ring on it," which never ends well, or he simply really should have in their 9 years together.

Unknown said...

It would be mean to say Amy Winehouse looks like a train wreck. It would be un-Christian of me to say that. So, I'll say she looks more like a 50 car pile up on Interstate 5 due to the heavy fog.

chihuahuense said...

I like how the name of the bar is bigger than Diddy's son. "Happy Birthday, son! This birthday is sponsored in part by a Las Vegas Casino! Thanks for coming folks!"

Dijea said...

Its a little known fact....

Barton Fink said...

@Charlie, I agree, and it's a demeaning insult to train wrecks everywhere to be compared to her.

audrey said...

I think Anna's friend is really just that. I'm not seeing any heat between them.

Unknown said...

go Butler!!

Char said...

Isn't that Frankie with Avril and Brody?

Unknown said...

lol Barton, love your comments.

RocketQueen said...

I also love that Jay took his wife's last name - so romantic.

Ick. Nast. to both Beyonce's and Gwen's outfits. Heels and track pants? Fail.

Avril is a hot mess. Please, America, keep her.

shakey said...

Is Brody doing a hoes of Lake Ontario tour? First Jayde, now her?

RocketQueen said...

lol @ shakey!!


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