Friday, April 09, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

I am always posting pictures of Mamie Gummer so I thought it was high time I posted one of Grace Gummer. They do look a lot a like.
I have said it before and I will say it again. One of the most underrated actresses ever. Glenne Headly. Love her.
Between Johnny Galecki and Sara Gilbert I am having my very own Roseanne reunion today. Now all I need are Tom Arnold and John Goodman sumo wrestling while Roseanne refs.
Katie Holmes teaches Suri to cross the street anywhere she likes, and especially in between parked cars.
Meanwhile, Sarah Jessica Parker teaches her son to cross in the crosswalk. Oh, and to run like hell.
Luckily they made it and is that a genuine smile from SJP?
Kate Winslet, Sam Mendes, their kids and an extra pair of shoes.
Maybe they are bringing them to Lady GaGa. Do you think she just takes these things off right when she gets inside the door?
No Rocco again.
So, when Marilyn Manson is 70, is he still going to be rocking the pancake makeup or start to realize he looks stupid.
No driving school for Nicole today. Instead she is taking her daughter to ballet. I don't know. I mean she is wearing a tutu.
Olvia Palermo was then eaten by the paper which had fooled her into thinking it was a dress.
Paolo Nutini - London


RocketQueen said...

I don't know who this Olivia Palermo chick is, but every time I see her, I think she's trying too hard.

Harlow is so cute it hurts.

I really don't think much of Marilyn Manson anymore. The way he speaks about and treats women is atrocious.

Gummer is an unfortunately last name. Truth.

jess said...

I must say, in my country people don't usually use the crosswalk, even when the streetlight is changing :S
-I still don't know how far can Gaga go those exentric outfits

Tenley said...

Gaga just looks awful there (it can be hard to tell, I know, but she really looks awful for her)

Unknown said...

Paolo~ My sis is on tour with him :)

juicy said...

lurvvvs paolo

and yes, agreed, gaga looks like shit.

juicy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lanasyogamama said...

I know Katie gets a lot of slack for carrying Suri too much, but to me, that is a situation where she should have picked her up.

My daughter went through a stage of wearing tutus everyday, Harlow might be in the same phase.

I think Olivia is really good looking, if desperate.

ClaireFrasier said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ClaireFrasier said...

If I had a baby daughter, she'd be wearing a tutu every day. And pink, it must be pink. Maybe because I never had the courage to wear the tutu?

Shmooey said...

- As soon as Gaga steps into the studio and the door shuts behind her she puts on tracksuit bottoms and flip flops.

- When Manson is old(er), he's just gonna pile on more makeup so people don't notice him aging.

0 said...

I love me some GaGa, but she looks awful in that photo. Damn girl, what happened?

Harlow is the cutest freakin' thing ever.

jaariel said...

Ummm, Marilyn Manson looks fat in the face...

Unknown said...

Meanwhile, Sarah Jessica Parker teaches her son to cross in the crosswalk. Oh, and to run like hell.

You mean Dee Snider

loveless said...

Wait. . . Enty, you know the Garden State Plaza? Mind blown. It's five minutes from my house & yes, I spent most of my misplaced youth there.

lutefisk said...

Little girls love walking around in tutus--my daughter used to float all over the place with one on---she is 16, I think she still would if she was able to get into them. That's where the dance studios make most of their money from also---they buy the costumes for a few dollars, & make us parents purchase them for $70-$100.

__-__=__ said...

I'm sure Rocco is with his Dad down at the pub.

Sara Bellum said...

True Confessions Time: I saw Hard to Hold. On opening night. I thought it was fun. Although RS has said that movie was a big mistake because I think he had turned down an opportunity to have a supporting role in a now blockbuster because he said his ego got the best of him.

Yes, I know *way* too much about Rick Springfield.


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