Friday, April 09, 2010

Random Photos Part Three

It's Carol Burnett. Should there be any doubt about her getting the top spot?
Andrea Bocelli - Oslo
When Anne Hathaway is relaxed like this she actually looks like a fun person. Here she is with Zoe Lister Jones.
Bradley Cooper likes to feel tall so they bring out drawers for him.
Lance Bass likes to feel tall so he adds six inches to his hair.
There are so many ways I could go with this picture of Benico del Toro but most of them involve porn references so I will stick to
saying he was there because he now is the spokesperson for some ice cream company.
I have tried and tried, but he really is just Mulder to me.
I have to admit Demi Moore is right. At 47 she does look pretty damn good.
Hell, even Rumer looked good last night.
Debi Nova - NYC
Just what the world needs. Another building named after Donald Trump.
This is Gary Cole's daughter. This is how I imagine a conversation the two have.

"Yeah, umm, I'm going to need you to go ahead and clean your room on Saturday."


Anonymous said...

Aw, Carol Burnett is looking great! She has a book, huh? I'd read it.

jess said...

Anne H.- a real smile
-the ice cream is "Polet tentación"(Polet temptation)the only popsicle I like, it has 6 different flavors :)
-That is a good pic of Demi
-Office Space!!

Danielle said...

".. and why don't you go ahead and clean it on Sunday too?"

RocketQueen said...

lol @ Danielle!

Oh Benicio. Why must you stifle your hot? I know it's up in there!

Yeah, I know Demi looks great for her age. I still think she's insufferable.

Carol Burnet <3 4Ever

B626 said...

best top spot ever
must get carol's book
and richard roeper's
on gambling

West End Girl said...

Mmm Magnum icecreams. Sadly, I couldn't find those exact ones Benico is advertising whilst I was shopping earlier.

I might watch "Office Space" again soon. It's just so damned good.

lanasyogamama said...

I'm annoyed by how good Demi looks. I hope it all falls apart.

holyrollernova said...

every single time i see benicio i cant help but think of the blind with him and scalett johanssen getting busy in an elevator.

OFFICE SPACE. one of my favorite movies ever!

0 said...

Office Space FTW! said...

I don't really understand my feelings about this...but ever since Lance Bass came out, he just gets hotter and hotter. I think I need some counseling or something.

selenakyle said...

Damn if Demi is not HOT AS HELL.

That is all.

I'm 45.75 YO and now going to Restylane Dr. pronto...

E. DuBois said...

Why is it that Demi Moore can't smile properly? She's got that Renée Zellwegger problem. But suppose that's all natural, right?

Yes, she is insufferable.

Wil said...

Aw .. Gary! I have such a crush on him .. and Mary is adorable, too!

Unknown said...

And the squirrels. They were merry!

We were just laughing about that Gone With the Wind skit on the Carol Burnett Show on Easter. I saw it in the window!

Mango said...

I loved watching the Carol Burnett show with my family when I was a kid.

Demi looks amazing, but she should after having spent as much money and time on her appearance. But if I were Rumer I wouldn't want to be photographed next to her! She is one unfortunate looking girl.

I love OFFICE SPACE so much I want to show it my "Oh" face. "Oh, oh, oh!"

Maja With a J said...

I believe that is my Swingline stapler!

I like Rumer's dress but it is too short for her...just a tad longer and it would be perfect. As far as Demi goes, I think she looks stunning. Yeah, she probably had a little help but you can't really tell.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but if we all spent the same amount of time/money that wretched Demi Moore has on her "all natural" (yeah, right!) face/body, we'd likely look just as good. She's a horrible actress with an even more horrible personality.
And come on, Enty, Rumor still looks like a Hot Topic reject from my local mall. Potato head forever!
It's too bad Benicio del Toro can't get his addictions under control. He's actually a good actor.
I feel bad that Carol Burnett has to share the same set of photos with this bunch of douches! She's awesome!

Enny said...

I looked quickly at the picture of Carol Burnett and thought it was Cynthia Nixon promoting SATC2! And then I felt bad for insulting Carol like that.

RocketQueen said...

@ea73 - what problems does Benicio have? I've never heard anything about him that was untoward...which I suppose is shocking :)

lyz said...

If Heidi can change her face, why can't Rumor do something with her fug?

Sorka8 said...

Rumer has had her 15 minutes already. I fail to see what anyone sees in that girl....other than famous parents that is.

Take a bow and get off stage girl!


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