Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Random Photos Part Three

Corin Redgrave - RIP
Shave the beard and Antonio Banderas doesn't look like the old one in the relationship anymore.
One of the best actresses ever. Angela Lansbury. Oh, and if you are ever drunk, Murder, She Wrote is the best.
Ashley Olsen looks like she is working very hard to keep her balance.
Atoms For Peace - New York
Bradley Cooper on the set of his new movie. Also hanging out there was
Renee who actually looks like the botox is wearing off and smiled. Or it could be MSG.
The guy who used to be Superman. Brandon Routh.
The guy who used to weight more than 90 pounds. Chris Rock.
One of my FAVORITE charity events was last night. Dressed To Kilt. Mike Myers was there.
Joan Jett.
Kellie Pickler.
Shani Davis, who brought the gold medal so you would know who he is.
Alan Cumming showing you he is umm, going the traditional route.
Matthew Modine who forgot the kilt but brought the whiskey. Good man.
Marcus Schenkenberg has been working out again. Not there this year, but in past events is one of my favorite Scotsmen,
Craig Ferguson. Also not there, but who has been in the past is
Gerard Butler.


RocketQueen said...

Where is Kellie Pickler's waist?? Did she have ribs removed??

chihuahuense said...

told you Antonio was still hot.

MontanaMarriott said...

Chris Rock did something to his face or is it that picture?

Mike Myers broke through the closet door with that picture.

Unknown said...

Men in kilts are so freakin' hot, swoon.

Robin the Mad Photographer said...

Wearing a kilt properly (that is to say, minus undies) isn't "commando", it's "regimental". (Or, as the whole punch line goes, "Nothing's worn, lass--it's all in perfect working order!") As a good Scot, Alan Cumming knows what's he doing, and it's not the first time he's done it, either...I seem to recall that he wore one for one of the X-Men premieres, and there were photos of Ewan McGregor w/his hand in an area I wouldn't normally expect to see it (over the kilt, not under it...), surprised and amused to find that not only was Alan going regimental, he was wearing a cock ring to boot. ;-) (Speaking of Ewan, there's another one who looks amazing in a kilt...ah, yes, men in kilts. *sigh**swoon*)

kathrynnova said...

angela lansbury is amazing and looks amazing!

Tunapaw said...

Oh My Angela Lansbury is looking thin! This is a funny site spoofing Mary Kate & Ashley:


Is very funny!

lanasyogamama said...

Renee also looks like she has boobs now, hmm.

I think Chris Rock has always been 90 lb.

Gerard looks hot!

warmislandsun said...

Has there been a murder????????

Sporky said...

Thank you for posting that picture of Brandon Routh. Goddamn he is fiiiine.

RJ said...

I agree, Brandon Routh brings out my inner cougar.

I looooove Craig Ferguson, but I think he's lost way too much weight. Looking at this picture from at least a year ago, really makes his current weight loss that much more noticeable. Thanks for the kilt pictures. They were mostly yummy.

MadLyb said...

I love men in kilts. It should be required that men with nice legs wear kilts. Normally Gerard Butler is just 'meh', but seeing him in that kilt makes me rather weak in the knees. Craig Ferguson, too!

MnGddess said...

Craig Rocks! And so does Geoff Peterson.

Signed, A Proud Member of the Robo-Skeleton Army.

mooshki said...

Manorexia = Not Hot.

Brandon Routh is really great on 'Chuck.' Who would've thunk it?

mooshki said...

Manorexia = Not Hot.

Brandon Routh is really great on 'Chuck.' Who would've thunk it?

libby said...

MontanaM, MM not only broke through the closet door in that pic, he came out screaming "Power Bottom!"

Linnea said...

drunken "murder she wrote" is one of my favorite things, even though there are few things that piss my so more!

Unknown said...

Look at Angela Lansbury's pic and tell me that really isn't Geraldine Ferraro. Separated at birth. Twin daughters of a different Mudder.

Renee is the "Sour/Lemon drop kid."

Leah said...

Upon entrance Gerry yelled " THIS IS SPARTA!!!!"


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