Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Random Photos Part Four

Maury Chaykin - RIP (I loved this guy. Incredible actor)
Abigail Breslin seems to be all grown up.
Angelina Jolie in Seoul.
Anna Kendrick facing the mob of photographers.
Audrina Patridge at some Hills finale show in England. I'm sorry we brought you that show.
Two very funny guys. Billy Gardell & Reno Wilson.
Alison Pill and Brandon Routh.
So, could you tell the difference between Allison Janney and Christine Lahti? This is Christine by the way.
English Beat - Las Vegas
Long time no see Delta Burke!!! With Gerald McRaney.
Yesterday it was Guy Ritchie and his son. Today it is his girlfriend.
Jennifer Garner in New York.


Missjenny619 said...

I wish Brandon Routh would do another Superman movie =( He was pretty great. I really enjoyed that film. He's so handsome <3

PotPourri said...

So is Jen Garner NOT pregnant?

sinkabella said...

What the hell happened to Delta's face? It looks likes its literally smashed in.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer G. looks like she is checking up on Affleck LOLOL.

Cecilia00 said...

Wasn't Delta a very popular guess for a blind about a woman who has a hoarding problem, and stays in the house a lot??

Buffycv said...

Loved Christine as that bitchy A.D.A. in SVU.

Maja With a J said...

"Abigail Breslin seems to be all grown up."

And covered up, which I find quite refreshing.

amazonblue said...

AAAHHH- I disagree totally with Miss Jenny and Buffycv.

Brandon Routh was stiff as a board in the last Superman installment. Horrid. Why is he with Alison Pill? Looks like a publicity bearding photo op to me. Is Alison still with Cherry Jones?

I could never stop staring at Christine Lahti's face during her SVU arc. I kept waiting for the Botox to let loose a little. She's ruined her face, what a shame, she's very talented.

Delta has lost a lot of weight, I hope she is doing well.

RocketQueen said...

I never would have guessed that was Delta. She looks totally different.

lanasyogamama said...

I love how un caught up in the whole dressing up thing Garner is.

Delta looks good! Unless she lost weight because of illness.

I am strangely happy for Guy Ritchie, like he must have been really unhappy before.

I hate that I think Audrina is very good looking.

momo said...

Was just about to say the same thing as Harriet Hellfire about Abigail Breslin. She looks great! I'm sure that's a spaghetti-strap dress under that jacket which is certainly fine, especially since it's so long, but I love that she's rocking a little cover-up!

MadLyb said...

Delta definitely looks like she's had botox.

It looks like Guy Ritchie traded Madonna in for a much younger model. The new gf looks just like her in that pic.

Robert said...

Between Abigail Breslin and Sophia Bush, in the last couple of days my hope for humanity has twitched slightly...

cincinnatikate said...

I think Abigail is the answer to a blind..and is Audrina wearing that big ass bulky sweater because she is preggo? when was the last bikini shot? ..yet another blind? I think both are beautiful..but also think they are answers..

Lady J said...

Jen Garner looks nice and casual. I like that she seems so regular compared to some of the others in Hollywood.
Good to see Delta and Gerald out. Delta's face looks OFF for some reason, but she seems very happy in the pic.
I found Brandon Routh BORING as Superman. But I thought the whole movie was dull.

Majik said...

Mirror in the bathroom, please talk free...the door is locked, just you and me....can I take you to a restaurant that's got glass tables so you can watch yourself while you are eating??!!!


lmnop123 said...

Delta Burke is a diabetic so MAYBE she's watching her diet.

I like Abigail Breslin as an actress and hope we don't hear any negativity about her and drugs, sex, etc.

Jennifer Gardner looks like she's finally picking up weight again. She was getting too thin for a while.

Mango said...

Please no blinds about Abigail unless it's a kindness blind! I think she's adorable.

Hey Anna! The cameras are thataway!

How cool to see English Beat. I just Dirpy'd "Save it for later" last week.

Agree that Delta Burke looks chipmunk-y and Guy Richie's g/f looks a bit like Madge in that pic.

Alice D Millionaire said...

I like the fact that garner dresses down but those jeans are not flattering. I am all for jeans and t-shirt and running shoes, just not those jeans. She looks like she did her hair and makeup...kind of a weird combo like she got it done for an event and is going to change into eveningwear later.

Daveb said...

Thank you for remembering Maury. A fine character actor gone too soon. RIP

sunnyside1213 said...

Delta looks thinner.


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